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quizzes for couples to take together fun relationships

Looking for quizzes for couples? Below you will discover fun relationship quizzes for couples to take together (or separately).

These informative quizzes are inspired by our Quizzes for Couples book, and are designed to help you connect, have fun, and strengthen your relationship.

Just pick one of the online quizzes below to start. After you complete the quiz, share it with your partner or spouse so they can take it too.

FREE PRINTABLE QUIZ FOR COUPLES: If you are looking for printable relationship quizzes for couples to take together, click here to download this one. Print two copies, fill out individually, then review your results together.

Fun quizzes for couples

1. How Well Do You Know Your Partner (or Spouse)?

How Well Do You Know Your partner spouse Quiz test

This quiz is all about discovering if you really know your partner, spouse, wife, or husband.

Click here to take the quiz

2. How Strong Is Your Marriage?

Marriage Quiz Relationship strong couple test

Take this quiz to figure out the strength of your marriage.

Click here to take this marriage quiz

3. Quiz: Are You in a Happy (Or Unhappy) Marriage?

happy unhappy marriage quiz

Take this quiz to find out whether you have a happy or unhappy marriage today.

Click here to take the quiz

4. Are You Growing Apart? (Quiz)

are we growing apart quiz for married couples

Use this quiz to determine whether you are growing apart or together in your marriage.

Click here to take this growing apart quiz

5. How Satisfying Is Your Sex Life?

Sex Quiz for Couples partners relationships

Take this quiz to see if you have a satisfying sex life or not.

Click here to take this sex quiz

6. Quiz: How Well Do You Communicate with Your Spouse?

communication in marriage Quiz for Couples

Do you want to see how effective your communication skills are?

Click here to take this communication quiz

Final thoughts

We’ve designed these quizzes to help couples strengthen their relationships. So whether you are dating, in a committed relationship, engaged or married, you will find a quiz that’s right for you.

Even better, get a copy of this Quizzes for Couples book to complete with your partner or spouse today.

We will be adding more quizzes for couples to this article, so come back later to check them out. If there is a quiz you would like to see that’s not on here, please leave a comment to let us know.

Your turn

Which of these quizzes for couples is your favorite?


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