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Matching Hoodies for Couples

Want to find the best matching hoodies for couples? Then you’re in the right place.

Because today, we are going to show you our favorite matching hoodies for couples to wear together and where to buy them.

Plus 2 hoodies you can customize or personalize with your anniversary date.

Let’s get started!

Best matching hoodies for couples

1. Couple matching She’s Mine – He’s Mine Space Hoodie

Bring out your inner kid with this set. The whimsical design of these She’s Mine – He’s Mine hoodies will let everyone know that you’re taken.

There are multiple colors to choose from so you can order the same color for both or pick two different choices. Plus, these modern-fit hoodies feature sizes for everyone from small to 3XL.


2. Hubby Wifey Hoodies Set for Couples

This set is both adorable and comfortable. These Hubby and Wifey hoodies are a great choice for newlyweds or couples that have been happily married for a while.

You can select matching colors from a variety of classic options and both styles have a roomy, unisex fit. The material is a cotton polyester mix, so these hoodies are warm even on the coldest nights together.

For Her:

Hubby Wifey Hoodies Set for Couples Newlywed Hubby Women Her


For Him:

Hubby Wifey Hoodies Set for Couples Newlywed Hubby Men Him


3. Cute Matching Couple Hoodies – Funny Bacon and Egg Couple Sweatshirts

For the couple that loves lighthearted humor and puns, these cartoony Bacon and Eggs Hoodies is the perfect hoodie set.

As you can see, the design for this funny hoodie for couples is sure to create some smiles. Whether you’re dating or have been married for years, you will look great in them.

Both designs are unisex and gender neutral, so it’s perfect for him, her, straight, gay and lesbian couples. Order both in the same size or two different sizes for the best fit.


4. Couple Hoodies – King & Queen Matching His and Her Hoodies

This matching hoodie set for couples is truly fit for royalty. Show the world who the King and Queen are in your relationship with these paired sweaters.

Both hoodies come in black and one reads “King” with a golden crown while the other reads “Queen” with a silver crown. They’re super soft and pill-resistant for a longer-lasting wear.


5. Soul Mate – Matching Couple Hoodies – His and Her Love Sweaters

This Mickey Mouse inspired design is a cute matching set for you and your partner. Wear these soul mate hoodies together for a romantic photo shoot.

They come in a selection of different colors, so it’s easy to find your favorite one. Plus, no matter how roomy you like your hoodies, there’s a size for everyone.

The optional anniversary date on the back also makes them a cute present for couples.


6. King and Queen – Couples Two Hoodie Combo Pack

Be affectionate and stylish in royal fashion.

These King and Queen hoodies are just subtle enough, with the printed font a little smaller than other matching designs. While you can’t mix and match, the design looks good on all options.

These hoodies are super cozy with a fleece blend sure to keep the two of you warm even on chilly evenings.


7. Wifey and Hubby Set of Hoodies For Couples Newlyweds Getting Married

Another Wifey and Hubby matching set, but sold as a pair. The big, bold print on this one clearly shows everyone you are happily married.

There are two classic colors to pick from, either both in white or both in grey.

These hoodies for married couples are made with a soft cotton material, making them great for casually lounging around or cooler nights outside.


8. Couple Matching King Queen Crown Raglan Hoodie Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Make a statement with this matching King and Queen hoodie set in regal red and bold black. Sold as a set of two, this King and Queen design is perfect for him and her.

These red and black hoodies have either “King” or “Queen” printed on the front. Also, the set comes in a preshrunk, unisex fit design so they fit just about every body type.


9. 365 In Love His and Her Soul Mate Matching Hoodies for Couples

This simple design makes an impact without being too over the top. The Soul Mate set is perfect for all the romantics out there.

The two designs are printed in muted blues and soft pinks. Although there isn’t a choice in colors, the design is simple and classic. Plus, the material is durable and designed to last for years.


10. Mr. & Mrs – Matching Couple Hoodies – His and Her Love Sweaters

Almost everyone recognizes the Mickey Mouse mouse ears. Sold together, this Mr. and Mrs. design is great for a stroll through Disneyland or casual dates together.

There are dozens of color choices to pick from, so you can both match or pick your favorite colors. You can also add an optional anniversary date on the back, or leave it blank.


11. Mr. and Mrs. Matching Hoodies – I Stole Her Heart, So I’m Stealing His Last Name

This his and hers hoodie set is perfect for revealing or announcing your engagement. The design says “I Stole Her Heart” on one, and “So I’m Stealing His Last Name” on the other. Both hoodies come in black.

The message is romantic and funny without being too cheesy. Also, the cotton and polyester mix makes it perfect for outdoorsy activities.


12. I Love My Husband & Wife – Matching Couple Shirts – Matching Couple Hoodies – His and Her Love Sweaters

Sometimes a simple message is best, as shown with this I Love My Husband/I Love My Wife set.

With a modern-print design, you can let your better half know just how much you love them. There are dozens of colors to choose from, so you can both match or switch it up.

You can get an optional anniversary date printed on the back, making these hoodies a lovely perzonalized gift set for couples.


13. OCPrintShirts Unisex Adult Hooded Sweatshirt II Mr & Mrs ON CAP Mickey Minnie Disney Couple Matching Hoodie

Few pairings are as iconic as Mickey Mouse and Minnie. These Mr. and Mrs. matching hoodies are the perfect way to say “you complete me.”

Like two pieces of a puzzle, this kissing Mickey and Minnie design come in five classic colors. Which will make it easier for the two of you to pull off an easily coordinated look without too much effort.

Just like most hoodies, they are designed for warmth and comfort.


14. Matching Couple Hoodies – She’s My Weirdo & He’s My Weirdo- Couple Sweatshirts

This hoodie set is perfect for couples that have a sense of humor. Simple but funny, these She’s My Weirdo & He’s My Weirdo hoodies are playful and romantic at the same time.

They have a classic, unisex fit and come in basic sizes from XS to 2XL. Get the same size for both or order two different sizes for the best fit.

Both roomy and warm, these are ideal for date nights in the Fall and casual outings together.


15. Hubby Wifey Couple Hoodie Sweatshirt Cute Best Matching Wedding Day

The two of you are sure to get compliments on this matching hoodie set.

Perfectly chic and stylish, these Hubby and Wifey hoodies are great for newlyweds and honeymooners. The rich, black color really lets the cursive design stand out.

It was designed with comfort in mind, so whether you like a snug fit or an extra roomy one, there are plenty of sizes to choose from.


2 Personalized or customized matching hoodies for couples

1. King & Queen [PERSONALIZED] Together Since [Your Date] – Matching Couple Hoodies – His and Her Sweaters

Customizing your matching hoodies with your anniversary date adds an extra special touch. These King and Queen hoodies are a great idea for couples that love to walk side by side.

The backs of this King & Queen set proudly displays your anniversary date on each hoodie for a one-of-a-kind design. The unisex fit and super soft material are sure to make these a staple in your wardrobe.


2. King Queen Couple Hoodies, Custom Dates On The Back

Although similar to the last set, this King and Queen design features a smaller print on the front and the full date is printed on the back so you don’t have to remember who walks on which side.

Both hoodies have the same fit and come in all standard sizes. These matching hoodies are both casual and comfortable, perfect for couples new and old.


Final thoughts

As you know, matching hoodies is a great way to let your partner and the world know how much you love each other. Plus, it’s also extremely comfortable to wear during the cold months.

So if having a pair of matching clothes is one of your relationship goals, we hope this list of hoodies for couples helps you accomplish your goal.

Wearing matching hoodies is certainly a lovely way to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

Just try one of the hoodie designs to let him or her know how much you love them, in the simplest good looking way possible!

Your turn

Which of the matching hoodies for couples above would you love to own? Or already own?


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