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Best Valentines Day Gifts for Husband

Are you looking for the best Valentine’s day gifts for your husband? Don’t have any idea on what to get or buy for your husband for Valentine’s day?

Well, the list below will help you choose the best Valentine’s day gift for your husband.

All you have to do is to choose a great gift, wrap it nicely for him, and don’t forget to always add a surprise. 🙂

Now, start with one of these sections:

Best Valentine’s day gifts for your husband

Sexy and romantic Valentine’s day gifts for your husband

Inexpensive and creative DIY Valentine’s day gifts for your husband

Best Valentine’s day gifts for your husband

1. Quizzes for Couples: Fun Questions to Complete Together and Strengthen Your Relationship

Quizzes for Couples it’s a gift that will bring more fun and excitement to your relationship on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

It has a wide variety of quizzes that will help you and your hubby to discover new things about each other.

As a bonus, the quizzes are setup in such a way that you can do one quiz a week.


2. Funny Husband Hubby Gift Shirt With Saying Best Friend Lover T-Shirt

For the wife with a humorous husband, this t-shirt will be a fun gift this Valentine’s Day. The shirt reads, “Husband, Best Friend, Human Heater, Lover, Partner, Spider Remover, Teammate, Finder of All Things Lost.”

Your husband can wear it around the house or show it off to his buddy’s. Either way, you’ll both be happy you got it.

It’s also available in multiple colors.


3. Questions for Couples: 469 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Connecting, Building Trust, and Rekindling Intimacy

Do you want to spend your Valentines Day evening having deeper, meaningful and intimate conversations with your hubby?

If yes, then surprise your husband with this book of 469 engaging conversation starters for couples.


4. I Love You Ceramic Travel Mug

For a simple and useful gift, buy your spouse a cute and sweet “I Love You” mug. He can take it with him to work or use it on the morning commute.

If you don’t have a particularly large budget, this is a wonderful reminder that he will appreciate whenever he uses it.


5. Woodgrain Bamboo Watch

This unique watch is made of bamboo with a genuine cow leather strap and quartz detail. It’s an all-around great accessory for your hubby this Valentine’s, as it is useful, cute, and unique.

“I received this watch as a gift from Ashley last year. And to be honest, l loved it. It’s very stylish, elegant, and unique. You will not go wrong with it.” – Marcus


6. Our Love Story Journal: 138 Questions and Prompts for Couples to Complete Together

This journal is a great gift that the two of you can cherish. It will take you down memory lane and help you mark your future memories.

Your love story is unique and beautiful, so write it in words to remember fondly and to look back on every Valentine’s day.


7. Urban Black and Gold Fountain Pen

This luxurious, medium point fountain pen comes complete with its stainless steel nib, curved design, and lacquered finish.

Its unique shape allows for top-notch durability and optimal writing for both left and right-hand writers. The kit comes with cleaning materials, 4 ink cartridges, and a separate bottle of ink.

This gift is perfect for the businessman to have at his desk or in his office.


8. Papercraft 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

Much like the previous card on this list, this 3D cut-out card shouts “I Love You” in a straightforward, simple way.

Why bother with expensive gifts when all you want to say is how much you care? Jot your thoughts and give the gift of love on this unforgettable card!


9. People Socks

In many States, February could mean more snow and frigid weather. Gift People Socks to your hubby to keep him warm when you’re away.

People Socks are cushioned throughout with a reinforced heel and toe and stretchy arch for a perfect and comfy fit to last you through the entire day.


10. Hammer Anvil Genuine Leather Wallet

Give your hubby a minimalist pocket wallet this Valentine’s day.

The wallet is ultra-thin for easy use and transportation, and the quality is excellent. Made of genuine leather, this wallet is all your husband needs for all his monetary needs.


11. Leven Rose Beard Oil

For the wife with a scruffy husband, you’ll be just as happy as he is to have this beard oil and leave-in conditioner.

No more scratchy kisses with this bad boy. The oil softens and naturally tames the beard and mustache, making the hair more manageable. No more sandpaper kisses.


12. Love in the Hand Greeting Card

This sweet little Valentine’s day card truly bursts with love for your sweetie. This is a one-of-a-kind gift card that says I love you in a more personal way.

Write in your thoughts and pour out your love to make a gift turned into a keepsake.

If this is your first Valentine’s day gift for your husband, you will not go wrong with this beautiful card.


13. Costa Farms Mini Succulent Fully Rooted Live Indoor Plant

Does your hubby like plants and gardening? Or do you want something that will remind him that your love is alive and growing?

If so, then get this beautiful and romantic gift for your husband. Because it will remind him you will always love and cherish him.


14. Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

Every husband loves creating new memories with his wife. And this bucket list journal will help him to create and experience new things with you!

It includes 115 unique bucket list ideas for couples, sections to journal your new experiences, add a photo and questions to discuss together.


15. Burt’s Bees Giftable Tin

Give your hard-working hubby a smooth and soothing shower set to wash his worries away. Burt’s Bees is a leading brand in chapstick and lotions.

Made with real beeswax for a natural and healthy clean, Burt’s Bees body wash, hand salve and shaving cream can clean even the toughest skin your husband has to offer.


16. Love Notes From Me to You: A Fun and Personalized Book With Prompts to Fill Out

Want to surprise your hubby with a personalized gift he will cherish forever?

Then buy this “what I love about you” book, answer all the prompts with your own words and gift it to your husband.


17. Classic Moleskine Notebook

All sexiness aside, this simple gift is great for your wordsmith husband.

This hardcover journal is pocket-sized for easy access and transportation. A classic style ruled notebook is a sweet and simple gift for the thoughtful husband.


18. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

This kit comes complete with a vintage shaving dish and brush, but at a much more agreeable price.

It also comes with a shave stand, toiletry bag, and shaving soap. Now, your husband can shave in style.


19. The Beer Bible

Is wine a bit too fancy for you? Then grab this other informative-about-alcohol book for your husband this Valentine’s day.

He will learn everything there is to know about beer from the words of Jeff Alworth, a leading man in the global craft beer movement. No matter your purpose for the book, this is something both you and your hubby can enjoy.

No matter your purpose for the book, this is something both you and your hubby can enjoy.


20. Northern Brewer Homebrewing Starter Set

A great addition for your beer-loving husband is this home brewing kit. This way he can try his hand at mixing different flavors and joining the movement of home brewing.

Get your husband this fun activity that you can both enjoy and spend time learning a new skill together.


21. Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea

This book will make an excellent valentine’s day present for the husband who is an entrepreneur at heart.

He will never rush into business ventures again with this informative book. It will help him make a better decision on whether to pursue a business idea or not.

Also, it might just give your husband the motivation to turn his dreams into reality, especially if he has a dream of starting his own business or just wants to improve his business.

The perfect Valentine’s day gift for your entrepreneur.


22. Himalaya Shaving Soap

This classic shaving soap, to be paired with the traditional brush and mug, is the perfect valentine’s day gift for him – and a subtle hint to tell your lumberjack it’s time to shave.

Just like grandpa used, this Henry Cavendish soap is made with shea butter and coconut oil for a cleaner, smoother and healthier shave.


23. Word Search Puzzles for Couples: A Fun Relationship Themed Activity Book

Word search puzzles for couples cover

For the hubby who loves word search puzzles, this fun activity book will make him smile.

And because it’s relationship themed, you can spend quality time with him by completing it together on Valentine’s Day.


24. The Wine Bible

Written by wine connoisseur, Karen MacNeil, this lively and fun Best Seller has all you need to know about the history and creation of all wine.

If you and your husband want to know all about wine (or seem like you do), this is the best way to sound wine-savvy and sophisticated.


25. Bar Brat 7 Piece Bar Set

This premium, stainless steel bar set is all you need for an in-home event. Make all your cocktails and spritzers with this great gift that is sure to impress him.

Your husband can make up to 10 drinks at a time so he can spend less time behind the bar and more time mingling with your guests. Now, you and your hubby can entertain to your heart’s content.


Sexy and romantic Valentine’s day gifts for your husband

1. Lingerie for Women Front Closure Babydoll Lace

Though this is something that you wear, this is definitely a gift for him to enjoy.

This sweet little lace is comfortable enough for normal sleepwear, but still sexy enough for the special nights too.


2. Women’s Crotchless Lace Thong (Click for picture)

Spice it up this Valentine’s day and make him hot for you with these sexy lace.

Whether you’re newlyweds just starting the fire, or you’re a couple looking to rekindle the flames, these are sure to make you feel sexy.

Plus, you will have some fun together without all the obstacles that traditional panties have. Hail to the V-day!


3. Double Lock Steel Police Handcuffs

Needless to say, these aren’t for the faint of heart.

Professional-grade steel handcuffs, this gift will bring your Valentine’s day celebration with your policeman to a whole new level.

No other words necessary, you and your lover can imagine the rest…


4. Silk Sleeping Mask

A.k.a., a blindfold to go perfectly with your panties and handcuffs.

A silky-smooth sleeping mask for you, but a blindfold for the nights of not-so-much-sleeping (wink, wink). Use with your police-grade handcuffs for a night of ultimate pleasure.


5. Sexy Truth or Dare

This sexy twist on the game of Truth or Dare is sure to be a fun activity for you and your spouse – in or out of the bedroom.

You don’t need a special occasion to play this little game. Pull it out (the game, we mean) whenever you and your spouse are feeling especially romantic or raunchy.


6. Men’s Boxer Shorts

These fun little boxers may be his to wear, but they are yours to enjoy.

These boxers say “love” all over them (literally). What cozier way to say I love you then on comfy underwear for your hubby?


7. Sex Checks

Money is sexy, right? Well, it is with these sex checks that will never go void. The checks include gentle prompts if you need help or empty checks for the adventurous at heart.

Write-ins are included so you both receive as much as you give. This is the gift that keeps on giving even after the holiday is over.


8. ALLureLove Women’s Lingerie Open Cup Crotchless One-piece Teddy

ALLureLove’s Lingerie is by far the most daring item on the list (we save the best for last).

This little teddy doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but it leaves everything out and easily accessible for a night he will remember.

Cap off your Valentine’s day celebration with this seductive teddy.


9. Lingerie For Women Plus Size

This oh-so-sexy little number says Valentine’s day in a more intimate way.

Lace here and there, sheer everywhere; this sexy lingerie is just the thing to make your hubby go wild. Plus, it’s available in different colors.

Pair with handcuffs and blindfold for an extra kick to your evening.

Inexpensive and creative DIY Valentine’s day gifts for your husband

1. Write him a love letter.

Our favorite DIY gift idea is a love letter.

If you don’t know where to start, learn how to write a romantic love letter to your husband today.

2. A gift basket

Create a gift basket of his favorite items or items you think he will love. Check out these stocking stuffers for husbands for ideas.

You can also add some homemade gifts like cookies, chocolate, candies, etc.

Want more?

For more creative, unique, and amazing DIY gift ideas you can easily do yourself, click here.

It is our DIY gift ideas board on Pinterest. Your husband will love them.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a couple that enjoys simple and small gifts, one who loves any excuse to be elaborate, or a couple that likes to spice things up in the bedroom, this list has just the thing for you.

We hope this Valentine’s day gifts list will help you with the plans you have for your hubby. Enjoy each other this Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Your turn

What is the best Valentine’s day gift you have given to your husband?

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