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anniversary gifts for parents best unique ideas

If you want to find the best anniversary gifts to give to your parents or step-parents, then you’ll appreciate this article. Because we’ve curated the best anniversary gifts for parents to make your search easier.

Your parents deserve a gift that says how much they mean to you and how their marriage has helped shape your life. So give them a wedding anniversary gift they will love and cherish.

Below is the list to get the wheels turning. Just choose a section to get started.

Best wedding anniversary gifts for parents

20th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

25th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

35th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

40th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Best anniversary gifts for parents

1. Our Love Story Journal: 138 Questions and Prompts for Couples to Complete Together

This couple’s journal is the perfect anniversary gift for your parents to create a keepsake of their love story together.

More importantly, they will have fun reminiscing about their past, while making new memories.


2. Personalized Pillow 2 Hearts are one, with Initial Monogram and Anniversary Date

As you know, we all spend a big part of our lives sleeping.

Your parents will appreciate a new pair of this personalized cotton pillowcases to celebrate their wedding anniversary.


3. Custom Couple’s Split Heart Map Art

This unique and stunning print is a beautiful reminder of your parents’ union.

Let your parents be reminded of where they came from, and where they are now with each other.


4. Questions for Couples: 469 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Connecting, Building Trust, and Rekindling Intimacy

Just like the title says, your parents can easily connect with each other by discussing the questions in this pocket-size book of questions.

A great anniversary gift idea for parents.


5. Vintage Maps Art Print

Another charming art piece, this print comprises of vintage maps of a place special to your parents, formed in adorable silhouettes.

Customize to your heart’s content with this artful gift.


6. Personalized Anniversary Clock

If you’re keeping up with the times, then a new clock is just the gift for this special occasion.

Personalize the monogram for a beautiful, unique touch or add scripted names and wedding date to cherish that day long ago.


7. A pair of Matching Mr. and Mrs. T-Shirts

What better way to celebrate your parent’s long-lasting union than with these fun matching tees from their kids. Both are available in multiple colors.

Mr. T-Shirt


Mrs. T-Shirt


8. Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

Help your mom and dad create new memories by gifting them this bucket list journal for couples.

Your parents can use this gift to dream and create a new bucket list of adventures they want to accomplish together. It will also be the same place to journal their bucket list experiences.


9. Mama Bear and Papa Bear Coffee Mug Set

This gift is so fitting for your parents’ wedding anniversary celebrations. They’ve always been your mama and papa bear, ready to protect their cubs in sight of any harm.

Now give a little back to those that love you the most, and add in a dash of humor while you’re at it.


10. French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

For the coffee or tea lovers that raised you, this French press is the perfect anniversary gift for your parents. Made of stainless steel and double german glass, this durable press pot can fill up to 8 cups or two mugs at a time.

This French press comes complete with four filters to eliminate coffee grounds, a stirring spoon, a coffee scoop and, of course, a booklet of great barista recipes.

Whether your parents are lovers of coffee or tea, this French press will make a great anniversary gift they can use every day.


11. Personalized Ceramic Cookie Jar

For those cookie monsters in your life, this is the perfect gift.

Whether a gift to keep their sweet tooth’s satisfied or a cookie jar for the grandkids, a monogrammed ceramic cookie jar is an excellent addition to your parents’ kitchen, just in time for anniversary celebrations.


12. Quizzes for Couples: Fun Questions to Complete Together and Strengthen Your Relationship

For your parents’ wedding anniversary, gift them this Quizzes for Couples book.

It is a fun activity book they can use to spend quality time together, connect, and discover new things about each other.

Even better, your parents will enjoy filling it together.


13. VonShef Wicker Picnic Basket Set

The ultimate partner for a picnic, this extensive set has all your parents will ever need for a meal out in the sun.

The wicker basket holds a delightful checkered cotton napkin and a picnic blanket and four of ceramic plates, stainless steel forks, knives and spoons; plastic wine glasses; two of each salt and pepper shakers; and a bottle opener to boot.


14. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

This set of two Moscow mule mugs are perfect for your parents. You see these mugs around all the time, but rarely at a price so low and quality so high.

Made of pure, solid copper, the set includes two mugs, quality copper cocktail straws, and a copper jigger.

Your parents will enjoy their choice of beverage in these delightful mugs at any time.


15. Word Search Puzzles for Couples: A Fun Relationship Themed Activity Book

Word search puzzles for couples cover

If your parents enjoy completing word search puzzles, get them this activity book to complement another gift they will love.

Because it’s relationship themed, it will give them another opportunity to do something together.


16. Family Tree and Lovebirds Canvas Wall Art

This is a beautiful reminder of the family you are a part of, remind your parents on their anniversary of the family they made.

Personalize it with their names and the date of their union to make it extra special.


17. Love Grows Canvas Print

Another beautiful showing of wall art, the rustic feel of the fall leaves will withstand all seasons as you cherish the memory of your family forever.

Engraved in time, their anniversary will always be a special occasion for the family to celebrate together.


18. Farway Photo Album

This simple, yet elegant faux suede photo album is the perfect anniversary present for parents.

It will hold all the memories your parents have created and captured in one neat little book.


19. Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 2. Precision Lead-Free Hand Blown

Gift your parents this lovely pair of lead-free 22oz wine glasses. It has the sentimental saying, “together forever”, etched on each one to show the strength of your parents love and bond.

In addition, there is a coin attached at the bottom of the glass to give it a unique touch.


20. Pratico Extra Large Picnic Blanket

Here’s a gift to go with their lovely wicker picnic set.

This extra large, water-resistant, outdoor blanket can be used for picnics, camping or cozy nights by the fire!


21. Hand Blown Glass Teapot

This is not your average teapot. Everything Zen’s handcrafted glass teapot is as stunning as it is dependable.

The stainless steel mesh diffuser will fully capture all the tastes that your tea has to offer. The teapot comes with a high-quality wooden coaster.


22. Wood and Root Meal Times Clock

Those that understand this reference recognize the charm and character of this clock.

If your mom and dad are die-hard Lord of the Rings fans, they would die to have this in their home. Charming as heck, yet beautifully crafted to look vintage and Victorian.


23. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite edition is a light and travel-ready e-reader. Now that you have yours, you can buy one for your parents anniversary.

With Kindle’s highest resolution display version and built-in adjustable light for reading day or night, it feels like you’re carrying a physical copy of a book with you.

In reality, you’re carrying all your favorite books with you. This generous gift is sure to put a smile on your mom and dad’s face.


24. Suncrown Outdoor 3-Piece Rocking Wicker Bistro Set

A useful and practical gift from kids to their parents, this sturdy rocking chair will be a porch favorite for the two of them as they grow old together.


25. Spikeball Combo Pack

This fun and active game is something for the mom and dad to enjoy with the whole family. Whether kids are involved, or its a day for the adults, play all day and never get bored.


26.Personalized Cutting Board

This elegant and decorative cutting board is useful as well as meaningful.

Personalize this wooden, cherry cutting board with your family name and established year and sweet saying. They will use it often and remember it fondly.


27. Personalized Word Custom Print

This custom canvas print is as bold and bright as the role models you’ve had in your parents.

Customize this unique word art print to illustrate your parents love and marriage.


28.  MuralMax Personalized Family Tree Branch

This cute love birds wall art will make a great anniversary gift for parents who love birds.

It’s also a great anniversary gift for parents who love to hold hands.


29.Royal Decanters’ Etched Globe Decanter Set

This stunning and artisan crafted decanter set is just the thing for your parents on their anniversary.

Hand-blown and etched to perfection, this set comes complete with glass globe decanter and four glasses as well as the handcrafted wooden base.


30. Personalized BBQ Set

This fun, personalized BBQ set is made of natural bamboo for long-lasting durability.

The set includes a spatula, fork, and tong for all your grilling needs. Celebrate an anniversary this year with a backyard BBQ.


31. Regal Entertainment Gift Card

Who doesn’t love the movies?

Send your parents off on a date night with Regal Cinema’s $25 gift card. A simple, yet meaningful anniversary gift for your movie-loving parents.


32. Tee Plaza Matching T-Shirts

What better way to celebrate your parent’s long-lasting union than with these hilarious matching tees.

A reminder of their schooling days, this set of matching t-shirts is set in a collegiate font and jersey numbers that make the year they first came together. Customize it with their favorite colors.


33. King Beer Queen Wine Glass

This charming set for two is perfect for mom and dad.

He likes beer, she drinks wine. Now they can drink together, side by side as King and Queen.


34. 9 Piece Garden Tool Set

Gardening is hard, physical work – for anyone. But you can make it easier with this 9-piece gardening set.

This all-inclusive set comes with a hand rake, weeder, pruning shears, trowels, garden gloves, spray bottle and a storage tote for total convenience.


35. IPIC Heart in Heart Personalized Artwork with Names and Date on

Customize this beautiful beach artwork with your parents name and the date they were married to make their wedding anniversary one to remember.

Even better, book a hotel or house on the beach for them to spend their anniversary weekend.


20th Wedding anniversary gifts for parents

1. 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Her Couples T-Shirt

This t-shirt will bring a smile on your parents face because it sentimental and has a special saying on it.

Just make sure you get two!


2. LifeSong Milestones 20th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque

A lovely wall plaque, your parents will enjoy hanging it in their room.


25th Anniversary gifts for parents

1. 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Her Couples T-Shirt

Get two of this lovely t-shirt for mom and dad to wear for their 25th wedding anniversary celebrations or party.

The shirt reads, Married 25 Years and Looking Forward to Forever. It’s also available in multiple colors.


2. Hand Stamped Key Chain

Your parent have made it through a quarter of a century. Help them celebrate with a thoughtful little reminder they can carry wherever they go.

This hand stamped keychain is a simple gift to cherish until their 50th anniversary.


3. 25th Silver Anniversary Ceramic Mugs Set

The silver anniversary is a big milestone, so let your parents raise a glass and drink to that. Or in this case, raise their silver anniversary ceramic mugs.

A set of two, these charming mugs are just the gift mom and dad’s 25th anniversary.


4. Hortense B. Hewitt 25th Anniversary Champagne Toasting Flutes

Your parents can celebrate with class and style on their 25th anniversary evening.

Even better, share a romantic toast to commemorate all that their marriage has been and been through in the past twenty-five years.


5. 25th Anniversary Wall Plaque

This stunning wooden wall plaque is the perfect item to capture your parents’ special relationship. After twenty-five years of marriage, they’ve been through so much together.

With tons of laughter, love, patience, and hardships, they’ve withstood it all to continue a love story that truly never ends.

Give your parent’s a gift they can hang proudly on their wall to celebrate this important milestone.


30th Wedding anniversary gifts for parents

1. 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Her Couples T-Shirt

A cute t-shirt for mom and dad to wear for their 30th wedding anniversary.


2. Personalized Anniversary Plate

Thirty years is a long time. As your parents get closer to a lifetime together, gift them this engraved wooden plate as a symbol of their long-lasting union.


3. Haysom Interiors Pearl Wedding Anniversary Ceramic Mug Set 

Another great Haysom Interiors gift, this ceramic mug set is to celebrate mom and dad’s pearl wedding anniversary.


4. Haysom Interiors 30th Anniversary Double Picture Frame

This stunning two-toned silver plated frame celebrates your Pearl Anniversary.

It features a double picture frame, compared side by side with your mother and fathers pictures, now and thirty years ago on that beautiful day.


35th Wedding anniversary gifts for parents

1. 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Her Couples T-Shirt

Great t-shirt for your parents to wear for their 35th wedding anniversary.


2. 35th Anniversary Wood Engraved Picture Frame

They say a picture is worth one thousand words. This sweet and simple gift will speak volumes of your parents love for one another as they celebrate thirty-five years together!

This 4×6 landscape frame can be displayed proudly in their bedroom forever.


3. 35th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque

Each milestone anniversary brings another beautiful gift. This stunning wooden wall plaque is the perfect item to capture the special relationship of thirty-five years.

With tons of laughter, love, patience, and hardships endured over the years, cherish it all with this beautiful wall plaque.


4. 35th Coral Wedding Anniversary Gift Sundial

The 35th wedding anniversary is also known as the Coral anniversary. This cool and unique sundial will make a great anniversary for your parents.


5. 3dRose 35th Anniversary Two Tone Black Mug

This charming little mug is a simple gift for mom and dad’s 35th anniversary.

Two-toned black and white with gold text, the mug is elegant and much needed for morning coffee.


6. 35th Anniversary Porcelain Plate

A gift to go with the 3dRose coffee mug, this stunning porcelain plate is a dinner accessory for special occasions such as this one.

Your parents can display it proudly or use it for their 35th wedding anniversary dinner.


40th Anniversary gifts for parents

1. Haysom Interiors Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ceramic Mug Set

Your parents have finally made it to forty years, as such, their Ruby anniversary is a cause to celebrate.

Forty years after they said “I Do”, they still enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together. A set of two of these charming mugs is just the gift for their fortieth anniversary.


2. 40th Anniversary Ivory Mug Set

These charming mugs (though hilarious) hold a lot of truth. Whether he’s right or she’s right, the only thing that you should be counting is the wonderful years they’ve spent together.

Celebrate your parents fortieth anniversary with this Mr. or Mrs. Right mug set.


3. Handmade 40th Anniversary Gift Art Print

This charming print is both a displayable work of art and a tender reminder of forty years together.

Settle on a simple yet sweet handmade gift for mom and dad’s ruby anniversary.


4. Amore Beaute Customizable 40th Anniversary Throw Pillow Cover

A charming and thoughtful gift, this throw pillow cover will be a part of your parent’s home until death does them part.

Celebrate forty years together with a sweet commemorative pillow cover marked by their names.


50th Anniversary gifts for parents

1. 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Her Couples T-Shirt

A fun 50th wedding anniversary gift t-shirt for parents. It comes in different colors too.


2. Lenox Portrait Gallery 50th Anniversary Luxury Frame, 5 by 7-Inch

This elegant picture frame is a simple yet meaningful gift for your parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Help them celebrate half a century together with a picture that says it all. A lovely frame to display proudly in their home.


3. Gold Anniversary Plate

A unique gift idea, this cream, and gold plate will serve as a symbol of your long-lasting union and of all the people that support your parent’s.

Have friends and family sign the plate, bake, and cherish this momentum forever.


4. 50th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque

Each milestone anniversary brings another beautiful gift.

This stunning wooden wall plaque is the perfect item to capture your mom and dad’s special relationship of fifty years.


60th Anniversary gifts for parents

1. 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Her Couples T-Shirt

Gift your mom and dad this fun 60th wedding anniversary t-shirt.


2. Personalized Anniversary Plate

Sixty years is over half a century. Let your parents celebrate their 60th anniversary with this engraved wooden plate as a symbol of their long-lasting union.

They’ve endured many things in their sixty years together, but all are a part of a unique and beautiful love story.

May your parents grow together for many more years.


3. Juliana 60th Anniversary Double Picture Frame

This stunning two-toned silver plated frame celebrates your parents’ 60th Anniversary as well as their first day of marriage.

A double picture frame, compare side by side mom and dad, now and sixty years ago on that beautiful day.


4. 60th Happy Anniversary Engraved Wine Glass

Help your parents celebrate with class and style on their 60th wedding anniversary evening.

Your parents can share a romantic toast to commemorate all that their marriage has been through in the past sixty years with this personalized glass.


5. CafePress 60th Wedding Anniversary Magnet

To go along with whatever romantic endeavors you have planned, this sweet little magnet will make for a perfect reminder of your parents love for one another.

Sixty years and still going strong is one huge accomplishment!


6. 60th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque

This stunning wooden wall plaque is the perfect item to capture your parents’ special relationship of sixty years.

With tons of laughter, love, and hardships endured over the years, they will cherish it all with this beautiful wooden plaque.


Final thoughts

This list is more than enough to get you started on your hunt for the perfect anniversary for your parents.

Let your gift will show them you appreciate everything they have done for you. Needless to say, add a gratitude letter or note to your parents anniversary gifts.

May your mother and father, or loved ones celebrating their marriage anniversary have a beautiful celebration together.

Your turn

What’s your favorite wedding anniversary gift for parents?


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