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Best Christmas gifts for wife unique ideas

Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for your wife? Don’t know what to get your wife for Christmas?

As a husband, one of my favorite things to do during Christmas is to get my wife a unique gift she will love. And l know you want to do the same for your wife too.

Below are gift ideas and some of the best Christmas gifts you can buy for your wife. If she is pregnant, click here to find the best pregnancy gift for her.

Best 19 Christmas gifts for your wife

1. Michael Kors Signature Tote

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” to a hard-working wife than a Signature Tote from Michael Kors. The quality and lustre of the name of Michael Kors is also well known.

A tote-style shoulder bag, it comes complete with a logo-lined interior and multifunctional slip pockets. You are carrying luxury on your shoulder and being treated like royalty.

After all, she is the queen of your house, so why not treat her to this great bag? Buy one with a color she will love.


2. Instant Pot Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

If your wife enjoys cooking but never has enough time, this might be the best Christmas gift for her. This multi-functional machine speeds up cooking by 2-6 times while using 70% less energy than other competing pressure/slow cookers. It turns hours of cooking into minutes, days of simmering into an hour.

Your wife has several roles she takes on daily such as; wife, mother, employee, and even student. The issue is that a lot of these roles will overlap one another, causing a time crunch especially around the holidays.

Now, with her new pressure cooker, steamer, pasteurizer, and yogurt maker, your wife can have the bulk of Christmas dinner done before she gets home. This gives her the ability to come home and spend more of the holiday with you and your relatives.


3. Deluxe Tote Bag

The use of this Tote Bag goes beyond one season. My wife is always needing more as it can be used for multiple things, not just groceries.

Your wife will use this cotton-canvas bag for grocery shopping, travel adventures, picnic dates, beach days and much more.

There is no limit to the possibilities. It’s also eco-friendly. Nice job on saving the planet one tote bag at a time.


4. Timberland Savin Hill Tall Boot

Come October, it is boot season! Think ahead and buy your wife a pair of boots that will become her favorite winter fashion boot.

Looks can be deceiving, so do not think this stylish boot doesn’t also act functionally. Timberland’s name has become a brand to depend on when looking for quality craftsmanship and durability.

This knee-high boot is made with an adjustable buckle to custom fit to her calfs and has a side zip for easy use.

Your wife can now brave the heaps of snow and harsh winds of winter while feeling comfortable in a fabulous pair of these boots.


5. Vivere Double Hammock

Though not a typical item that comes to mind as a holiday gift, it will get your wife thinking of the warmth and vibrancy of summer during the last dreary months of winter.

Vivere’s Double Hammock and Stand combination allow for quick and easy setup anywhere. No longer do you need those two perfect trees and the struggle to secure them tightly.

All you need is the hammock and stand itself, that assembles tool free in minutes. Made specifically for two, you and your wife can snuggle up and take an outdoor nap.

You can even catch up on some reading during summer.


6. Antique Monogram Journal

For a wife that is creative and articulate, this journal makes a beautiful and useful gift this holiday season!

Your wife may enjoy a quiet moment of solitude alone with her thoughts and be able to write them down somewhere unique.

Vintage is trending and antiques are becoming more common to the household. This antique journal may just be what she needs to inspire ideas, unlock her writing abilities and recording memories to share with future generations or reminisce herself one day.


7. Clever Yoga Premium Mat

Yoga, in a word, is a clearing of the mind and body. When you practice yoga, you want to know without a doubt that the accessories you use in your practice are toxic-free and safe for your body. 

With the Clever Yoga Premium mat, there’s no ifs or unknowns. Just an eco-friendly, extra-padded for comfort, and waterproof surface. Its closed-cell construction allows any sweat or moisture to remain on the surface without soaking in and leaving odors or germs. It’s super light too, so no hassle or harm.

This Christmas season, the Clever Yoga Mat will be perfect for your yoga loving wife. Yoga is something she can enjoy in your home, or out for a class enjoying that me time and supporting her health wherever she pleases.

Bonus: Add a gift card, subsciption to a yoga class, or yoga pants for her. I hear LuLuLaroe is all the rage right now.


8. Kindle E-reader

In this tech-savvy world, anyone could benefit from a handy, compact size Amazon Kindle E-reader.

If your wife wanted to bring a hefty book with her such as Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia , she probably couldn’t fit it all in her bag.

The Kindle, with a 6” glare-free touchscreen, allows you to bring it with you anywhere and read comfortably in the sunshine.

If your wife prefer’s physical copies of books over digital, the Kindle now has touchscreen displays that read like real paper. Maybe one day, they will make E-readers that smell like fresh-off-the-press books.


9. BOBS Peace and Love Flat

A classic and comfort shoe now made with even more comfort. The insole, made from memory foam, allows for all-day comfort and ease.

This slip-on style shoe is great for everyday use. Your wife is sure to appreciate a simple, stylish shoe that provides her all-day comfort to get her through all of her to-do’s.


10. Black Leather Jewelry Box and Mini Travel Case

With all the Christmas gifts she is going to receive this year, your wife’s jewelry collection is sure to increase. This multi-tier jewelry box has twenty different compartments, including two drawers, two side compartments with eight necklace hooks, a ring case, earring cards, and two watch slots.

There isn’t any type of jewelry accessory that can’t be stored safely away in this black leather and soft beige velvet case. Don’t forget the mini travel case that comes with it, so that your wife can bring her favorites with her wherever she travels!

To surprise her, add a pendant or this necklace to it.


11. Essential Oils Variety Pack Sampler

Your wife does a lot, especially around the holidays, so essential oils are a way to treat her with some relaxing me time in the thick of things.

With more on her plate this holiday season, giving her a way to both unwind and look after her health at the same time is a dream come true.

Why not a little aromatherapy for you both? Either pour a few drops of the essential oils into a diffuser and let scent and relaxation take over your home, or mix with a carrier oil and give her a sensual Christmas massage.

A pack of ten different scents, each scent has a different element that promotes good health, such as the decongestive power of Eucalyptus scent or the relaxation powers of lavender. A great gift for an oil-loving wife!

Get one that comes with a diffuser, even if she already has one. As my wife says, you can never have enough essential oil diffusers.


12. Super Soft Plush Bathrobe

This super soft bathrobe looks like luxury and feels like a cloud. It’s like you’re getting warm hugs – continuously. Complete with pockets for storing accessories, she might wear this robe all day long if you’re not careful.

Let your wife cozy up this winter season with this machine washable, luxury robe.


13. Good Vibes Coloring Book

Coloring is not just for children anymore, but for adults too. The christmas season is fast and can be stressful. Get your wife a Good Vibes coloring book to help her de-stress, aid in her creativity and positivity flow.

Don’t forget to get her a pack of gel pens or coloring pencils.


14. Borgasets Genuine Leather Wallet Purse

This stylish, high-capacity wallet would make a lovely gift for an on-the-go wife. If she is always running errands and going places, she will need something lighter and smaller than a purse to bring her money/credit cards with her.

This wallet has an elegantly weaved leather design on the exterior. With two zipper compartments, the wallet boasts 18 credit card slots!

A fashionable and useful addition to her collection, your wife will love her new wallet purse and find it extremely useful. It can accommodate her cell phone too. 🙂


15. Anna Klein Women’s Watch

Here’s a little icing for your wife to wear this snowy season. Anna Klein’s analog watch with black leather band, gold features, and quartz speak to its polished and luxurious design.

If your wife isn’t into showy jewelry, buy her a watch instead. It’s less flashy in nature but oh-so- gorgeous, and extremely useful to boot.


16. Amazing Woman Mug and Coaster Set

What better, simpler, way to tell your wife she is amazing, than this “Amazing Woman” mug! This ceramic mug has a glossy interior and matte finish exterior.

A microwavable/dishwasher safe mug, it comes with a ceramic coaster that can also be used as a lid!

Simple yet elegant. It will make a wonderful gift for your coffee, tea or hot chocolate loving wife this Christmas season.

Bonus: Add a bag of her favorite tea, coffee or hot chocolate to it.


17. Birkenstock Mayari Sandal

The Birkenstock Mayari Sandal is perfect for any outing or occasion. The 100% reusable and recyclable cork footbed contours and molds to the shape of her foot, giving your wife ultimate support and even helping circulation. 

The raised toe bar designed to encourage the natural gripping motion will allow your wife to exercise her leg muscles each step she takes in her new Mayari Sandal. Buy your wife this sandal if she loves wearing them.


18. Hypertek Activewear Yoga Leggings

Every woman craves comfort in their clothing. Yoga pants are a universal love for many women.

If your wife is one of the 98% of women that appreciate a great pair of leggings, your wife will love Hypertek’s Yoga Leggings.

They are made to contour her curves and cater to her natural body shape. Simple but oh-so-comfy, these leggings allow for extra stretch and comfort.

A perfect cold-weather favorite to wear in and out of the house whether she does yoga or not.


19. Clark’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

Another item to get her thinking of warmer days, Clark’s Flip-Flop flaunts a sporty and casual look while creating ultimate comfort for her feet.

Perfect for the beach, no need to hassle with strappy sandals or sandy shoes after a long day at the beach. Just slip on and go! Are you dreaming of summer yet?

Maybe your wife likes to wear flip flops all year round in the house. Either way, these should make it onto your Christmas list.


20. Art Naturals Bath Bombs Gift Set

Get your wife this gift set so she can have a great time in the bath.

They smell very good too. She will love it!


9 Inexpensive Christmas gifts ideas for your wife

1. A gift card.

Get a gift card from one of her favorite places for her. Nowadays, most stores have gift cards for purchase.

The most common places to get one are Amazon, Starbucks, clothing stores, restaurants, massage places, etc.

2. A makeup Brush set

Becuase she can make room for a new one. 🙂

3. A case for her electronic devices.

For example, iPhone case, iPad case, kindle reader case, etc.

4. Cookbook

If your wife loves cooking like mine does, ask her ahead for her favorite cookbooks she has yet to attain. You could also find out which food bloggers she follows on Instagram and Pinterest.

5. New Sheet set.

Maybe your wife has been giving you hints that its time for a new set of Egyptian cotton sheets.

6. Cosmetic bag

Replace her old cosmetic bag with this new one.

7. Subscription to her favorite magazine.

It could be a food, fashion, lifestyle, sports or crafts magazine.

9. Her favorite candles.

Scented or unscented, the possibilities are endless.

7 Creative, unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts for your wife

1. Schedule something thoughtful for her.

It could be as simple as a manicure, pedicure, massage and/or hair day.

2. Hand-written letter or poem.

Write her a love letter or poem. And frame it. Receiving this kind of gift in your own writing makes it that much more sentimental.

If you don’t know how to write a romantic love letter, click here.

3. An engraved ring.

Buy a ring and ask for something that would mean a lot to her engraved on it.

4. Personalized necklace

We all love being unique. You wife will cherish a personalized necklace made just for her from you.

5. Plan a weekend away trip for her. (Or with her)

Make it fun and exciting.

6. A handmade gift. 

Similar to a personalized gift, buy a handmade gift for her.

7. A great book to read

If your wife loves to read books, buy 2 of the books she has been craving to read for her.

You can start by checking out the Amazon Best-seller lists for the genre she loves reading.

Best Christmas gift ideas for the wife who has everything

If your wife has everything, do one of these things below.

She. Will. Love. It!

1. Make her feel wanted and appreciated.

Show her you love her. Pursue her like you when you first met.

Do the things you used to do when you were dating like opening the car door, lying outside in park etc. This will make her feel wanted and special.

If you have no ideas on where to start, just think about the memories you had while dating.

Honestly, this is the perfect Christmas gift every wife will love!

2. Cook her favorite meal for her.

One way to make it special is to do all the grocery shopping for the meal yourself. (Or with her, if you need help.) Then prep the food, cook it and serve it to her for dinner.

If you have kids, invite them to help you make the meal while your wife relaxes with a much-deserved glass of wine.

3. Massage performed by yours truly.

Skip buying your wife a massage gift card. Instead, create one or multiple massage coupons for her. You can use small cards for this. Take a course, many are offered online, so you can amaze her with your new skills.

Write on the front, “Free Massage“, then on the back, “I would love to rub your sexy body. Just let me know what day and time work’s best for you. Your sexy hubby. 😉

4. Plan a date for her.

Think about your wife’s favorite thing to do with you outside of your home. And make plans to go do just that.

For example, if your wife loves the outdoors, go on a hiking trip, run, walk, or whatever she loves to do together.

5. Dance lessons.

Sign her up for dance lessons. It’s even better when the lessons are for both of you.

Which means, you both get to connect and spend time together dancing.

Don’t like dancing? Try ice skating, canoeing, bowling, etc. Choose something that will help you to connect with your wife.

6. Write her 52 notes on a deck of cards.

Things you appreciate about her, things you love about her, things you find sexy about your wife.

Final Thoughts

Get your wife something thoughtful that will make her happy you got it for her. Something you know she really wants or needs, but will not necessarily buy for herself.

You don’t want to buy a gift she will return the day after Christmas. So spend some time in getting the best Christmas gift for your wife.

I hope you found this list of the best Christmas gifts for your wife helpful.

Your Turn

What will you get your wife for Christmas this year?

– Marcus


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