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ways to connect with your spouse

Connecting with your spouse emotionally, physically, and sexually is important because it helps both of you to grow together as a married couple.

If you and your husband or wife do what you do every day, leave each other alone, and never really spend time connecting, your marriage will not grow to its full potential.

Not connecting with your spouse can lead to growing apart, one of the common reasons why many married couples divorce.

How often do you check Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram?

What about your other social media accounts?

If you were to compare your time spent on these websites to the time you devote to your spouse, what will the ratio be?

You obviously love your spouse more than these social media websites, right? Show your spouse you do, by making conscious efforts to truly connect with them every day.

If you are not connecting with your husband or wife each day, what is preventing you? Have you looked for ways to connect with them at all?

Make it a priority to connect with your spouse every single day!

22 Simple ways to connect with your spouse every day

1. Kiss, hug, or snuggle your spouse.

2. Exercise together, go for a run, a jog, visit the gym, etc.

3. Take a walk together, and try holding each other’s hands while walking.

4. Dance to your favorite music.

5. Read a book together.

It could be the book of your faith, a marriage book, a self-development book, fiction, etc.

6. Pray or meditate together.

7. Have a deeper conversation.

Verbally talk about the high points of your day, what you’ve been learning, what’s been challenging, or any of the interesting things you just want to discuss! Oh, and listen attentively while your spouse is talking.

          Use these questions for couples to spark deeper conversations.

Remember, you are connecting with your spouse, your full attention is required.

8. Cook a meal and eat together as a family.

This could easily be dinner, lunch, or breakfast.

9. Tell your spouse how much you love them and appreciate them.

Be grateful for their lives and thank them for choosing to spend their life with you every day.

10. Watch TV shows and movies together.

For us, it is Shark Tank.

11. Shower or bath together.

12. Have sex.

And take your time. Explore, savor, and worship as you experiment. Set the mood with candles and music and toys.

13. Do chores and errands together.

For example, grocery shopping, washing dishes, cleaning the house, etc.

14. Give your spouse a sincere compliment.

15. Schedule a date night.

16. Eye to eye connection.

This can be done with tantric breathing, sitting by them with conversation or playing a game.

17. Share a laugh or joke, make them smile, and dream together.

18. Flirt with each other.

19. Text a love/romantic/encouraging message to your spouse.

20. Surprise them with something little.

It can be a note, flowers, a small gift, doing their chore for them, making their favorite dessert, buy them a book or their favorite latte. The possibilities are endless!

21.  Play fun games together.

Check out this list of the best board, card and dice games for couples.

22. Say “I love you” every day to your spouse.

And mean it!

That’s 22 simple things you can do to connect with your spouse every day. They are so simple you can do one today, like the last one.

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How to start connecting with your spouse today.

» Make it intentional. Your spouse and marriage should be a priority.

» Ask your spouse what connecting means to him/her, and make sure you clearly understand it.

» Ask your spouse how they want you to connect with him/her every day.

» Choose at least 3 of the different ways and practice them daily.

» Put distractions away while you connect with your spouse. That means phones, TV, computers, etc. get turned off or put away.


For us, even though our daily schedules are sometimes different, especially when we are both busy, we still make sure we connect with each other.

We usually connect in the evening after eating together as a family, and bath time for our kids.

After the cell phones, TV, computers, etc. are put away, we converse, laugh, smile, and have fun together. Sometimes we watch a TV show or documentary and talk about what we learned from it.

Don’t think we only connect in the evening. We also connect throughout the day through text messages, long hugs, and other ways.

You can start connecting with your spouse today.

Start small by choosing the best three out of the 22 that suits you, your marriage and your family. Increase this number as you both desire with time.

Then make it a priority to do these together with your spouse every day of your marriage. The end results will be amazing if not awesome!

Also, you can increase the number to whatever number you wish. And add different ways to connect with your spouse.

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Final thoughts

When you connect with your spouse every day, you will be able to build the healthy marriage you both desire.

As you already know, all healthy marriages dwell on the connection between husband and wife. 

Learn how to connect with your spouse on a daily basis so you don’t wake up one day and say, we have grown apart.

Save your marriage by connecting with your spouse every day!

Your turn

How do you connect with your spouse every day?


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22 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Spouse Every Day