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best birthday gifts for husband

If you are reading this article, chances are your husband’s birthday is coming up and you want to find the best birthday gifts for husbands.

You want to buy a birthday gift that he will love and find useful. And honestly, that’s ok. We know it can be hard to shop for someone, even if he/she is your best friend.

So if you are wondering what to get your husband for his birthday, below are unique, useful and practical gifts to check out.

Best birthday gifts for husbands

1. AM Husband T-Shirts With Sayings Husband, Best Friend, Lover

Remind your husband of the reasons why you decided to marry him with this humorous t-shirt on his birthday. He can wear this shirt at home, to the gym, or on any occasion.

Plus it’s available in Blue, Black, Cranberry, and Green. For more color options just click on the company name.


2. Gearbest BEWELL ZS Wooden Watch Men Quartz with Luminous Hands 30M Water Resistance

This watch is the unique accessory to add to your husband’s wardrobe. Affordable and stylish, it has a retro design and comes in a variety of wooden finishes, making it an eye-catching, unique and functional gift.

It’s water-resistant, has an adjustable band, and claims a battery life of three years. This is the perfect gift for your hubby if he’s into style, and loves gifts that are useful. It even comes in its own box for safekeeping!


3. Love Notes From Me to You: A Fun and Personalized Book With Prompts to Fill Out

Surprise your husband with this personalized and thoughtful birthday gift from you.

Answer the prompts, wrap, and gift it to him. He will love it!


4. The Manteen® – Great Gifts For Men!, Keeps Your Beverage Hot or Cold all day, Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Double Walled Insulated

The Manteen, a bottle-shaped beverage canteen, will keep your husband’s drinkable items stay hot or cold all day long.

This cool birthday gift for husbands is incredibly useful for home, work, or play. Because your husband can fill it with water, coffee, soup or even beer.

The double-walled bottle holds up to 17 oz, is BPA free, and sweatproof. It’s also made with food-grade Stainless Steel to ensure a quality and safe beverage bottle.

Your husband will love the fun design too.


5. Komal’s Passion Leather 18 Inch Retro Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

This laptop bag is perfect for the hubby who’s on the go. It’s made from vegetable tanned goat leather and is incredibly durable.

This gift is perfect for holding his computer, iPad, or even a few textbooks (if your husband is still in school).

It has an outside zipper pocket, a pen holder, a large front pocket to hold his iPad or tablet, many other smaller compartments and one big one compartment for his laptop.

Not to mention it’s incredibly stylish. Your husband will love this birthday gift for its usefulness, design and quality.


6. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet

This super slim wallet is the perfect place for your husband to keep his cash and cards. You can choose from six genuine leather designs, but what really makes it a great birthday gift is that it also protects his information.

This superior wallet is made with RFID protection, which means it will stop wireless readers from stealing your hubby’s credit card and license information.

A great birthday gift for men, but an even better gift for the husband that travels quite frequently.


7. PREMIUM Beard Brush, Comb, Oil-Handmade Kit

This is the only gift with a catch. Your husband has to have a beard, or at least have the intention of growing one. If he matches one of these, then this is not only a useful birthday gift for your husband but a necessary one!

The beard brush is made of boar bristle and natural wood, which ensures a snag-free brushing experience. Your husband can easily rid himself of tangles and knots with the all-natural pearwood comb.

This kit also includes chemical-free beard oil to soften your husband’s beard and skin, which means no more scratchy kisses for you.

It’s an awesome and fun birthday gift for your scruffy hubby. No more static, no more mess and no more tangles!


8. Vermont Smoke & Cure Meat Sticks

Who doesn’t love food? This jerky stick sampler includes twenty-four sticks of BBQ beef jerky.

This jerky is artificial free, Gluten-free, sodium nitrite-free, MSF-free, hormone-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. RealSticks contain 50% less fat and 40% less salt than your average jerky stick and at least 80% fewer sugars than most others out there on the market.

Other flavors to choose from include Ancho Pepper Turkey and Uncured Pepperoni Turkey. This tasty gift is sure to be a birthday present your husband will love.


9. Cuisinart CGS-5014 Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set

A perfect birthday gift for your grill fanatic, the Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set has all the necessary tools your husband needs for ultimate grill-off.

The 14 piece set includes a chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, 4 pairs of corn holders, cleaning brush, and an extra brush head. Plus, he can store everything in the included aluminum storage case, and bring his grilling tools with him wherever he goes!

A lovely birthday gift for your husband to show off his grilling skills at the next barbecue, or for grilling at home.


10. Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

If your husband loves music, or even just has to use his headphones quite often it might be time to invest in these Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones.

These high-quality headphones come in eleven colors. They have impeccable sound quality, a 12-hour rechargeable battery with a power gauge, and can connect with any Bluetooth device in a 30-foot range.

It also includes a built-in microphone, so he can take hands-free calls anytime. Your husband can take his Beats wherever he goes in their included carrying case. He’ll love these headphones for their design, and true quality.


11. I Love My Wife Just Because

The search for the perfect “I love my wife” gift ends here. This is a great t-shirt gift for the husband who knows you cherish him.

With 5 shades to choose from, you can even buy it in his favorite color. Your husband will love this fun, quality t-shirt, and the conversations he’ll get from wearing it.


12. Men’s Genuine Leather Dress Belt, Reversible Belt for Men Black/Brown

This high-quality leather belt is sure to be a birthday gift your husband will love and use often. Black on one side and brown on the other, its reversible design ensures that it will go with any of your husband’s outfits.

It also comes in a wide variety of sizes to choose from, so it can fit your husband’s waist perfectly. This belt is built to last and goes with anything, making it a great birthday gift for your husband.


13. Initial Cufflinks (Alphabet Letter) by Men’s Collections

Your husband will love these top quality cufflinks and the personalization they add to his wardrobe. Made of superior materials and polished to perfection, these cufflinks boast of style and class.

This is a cool gift your husband can wear to the next dinner party or his next business meeting.


14. Personalized Silver / Black Oval Keychain – Free Laser Engraving

Did you know you can get an engraved keychain with your contact information on it? If your husband has a habit of losing things, like his keys, this might be something you should get him.

However, this keychain can be personalized to say anything you want. The free laser engraving on this keychain includes 3 lines of text, 20 characters per line.

You also have 15 different fonts to choose from, so make it personal! Whether you are getting his phone number engraved or saying how much you love him.



15. Magnetic Wristband By MagBand

We are sure you’ve witnessed your husband’s frustration at least once when building a project. He put that nail down for one second while screwing together your dining room table and now it’s nowhere to be found.

This Magnetic Wristband puts an end to that. An incredibly handy tool actually magnetizes the nails to the wristband.

The wristband’s magnetic force holds either 144 half-inch nails, 68 two-inch nails, 100 medium wood screws, or 50 large wood screws. The magnet in the wristband is super strong and surrounds almost the entire wrist making it easy for your husband to keep his projects organized.

This is the perfect birthday gift for your hardworking hubby.


16. EdgeWorks Pen Screwdriver Tool

The EdgeWorks Pen Screwdriver Tool is another handy birthday gift for husbands.

The great thing about this birthday present is how many uses it has. It’s a pen, a stylus that can be used for your phone or tablet, a ruler that includes centimeters and inches, screwdrivers, and a bubble level.

Plus, it’s made of high-quality materials guaranteeing years of use. Your husband will love this multipurpose gift and how it easily fits into his pocket.


17. Custom LeatherCraft 1537, Multi-Compartment Tool Carrier

This is a useful birthday gift for the handyman husband.

The LeatherCraft tool carrier has tons of room for all your husband’s tools. It has thirty-three pockets in all, twenty-three on the inside and ten on the outside for organizing all your husband’s tools and accessories.

There are several vertical tool pockets for easy access, and a zipper enclosure to prevent tools from falling out when he’s on the go. Plus it includes a shoulder strap and two handles so your husband can easily carry it with him all day long.


18. Survival MultiTool Card Sized

Does your husband love the outdoors? If so, this is another perfect birthday gift for him. This credit card sized tool has everything your husband could need for a survival situation.

It’s small enough to fit in his wallet but includes twenty-two tools including nine fish hooks, four snare locks, three arrowheads, two sewing needles, two saw blades, one awl, and one set of tweezers.

This high-quality product also claims a lifetime guarantee. So whether he’ll into camping, hiking, or he just likes to be prepared, this is a wonderful birthday gift.


19. Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is always a good idea. Whether he’s into music, the news, podcasts or sports he can listen to his stuff wherever he wants.

This Bluetooth speaker is extra special because it is water-resistant. Your husband can bring with him to the beach or use it while he’s in the shower. It is even dust and sand proof!

The rechargeable battery holds up to seven hours of battery life and its small size makes it easy to transport. It also has a built-in microphone to makes wireless phone calls a snap.

In addition, it boasts of excellent sound quality with a louder volume. This is sure to be a gift your husband will love and use!


20. RK Classical Sleepwear Men’s Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set

The last on the list is the RK Classical Sleepwear pajama set. Normally, we don’t automatically think of getting pajama’s for our husbands on their birthday, but this is actually a great gift.

It comes in eleven different patterns, so you can be sure to choose a design that your husband will love. These light and wide-cut pajamas provide extreme comfort, and the elastic waistband with adjustable buttons ensures a good fit.

These pajamas are also designed to last several years of wear and are made for quality comfort. He’ll love these comfy PJs, and you’ll love how cute he looks in them.


21. Himalayan salt lamp (great for office and air purification)

This is a super fun gift that your husband will love! It’s made from salt crystals in the Himalayan Mountains, and doubles as an air purifier.

The lamp emits negative ions that fight the positively charged particles already in the air that cause your body to be congested and lethargic. When lit, this lamp rids the air naturally of allergens, making you feel better and more awake.

This is a great birthday gift you can give him for his office space at work. The salt lamp does not have a scent so it is safe to use in an office or around anyone who is sensitive to scents.

Your husband can even use it as moonlighting for a romantic night in. Either way, it’s a fun gift that will make him feel better!


22. Thanh 39’s Personalized Maple Wood Case and Two Pens for Men

Personalized and unique gifts are so fun!

These pens and pen case will make a great birthday gift for your husband. The set comes in a variety of designs and wood finishes and includes a free engraving of your husband’s name.

The set includes the case, a rollerball pen, and a ballpoint pen. Both the cases and pens are made of real maple wood. This is a great gift for your husband’s office, and something truly unique that he’ll love.

Make it even more personal by choosing a design that matches your husband’s career. There are designs for dentists, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and even pharmacists.


Best romantic and sexy birthday gift ideas for husband

1. A romantic gift from yours truly. 

Add romance to his birthday by planning a naughty and sexy night with him. Create a coupon, with a date and place for just the two of you to have an intimate time together.

Place the coupon somewhere he will find the first thing on his birthday morning. To make things more exciting, tease him from when he wakes up until its time to be intimate.

Oh, and don’t forget to throw in some surprises like dressing up in a new sexy lingerie, playing naughty sex games together, etc.

2. Write him a love letter or poem.

Just be honest with what you write, he will appreciate it.

If you don’t know where to start, click here.

3. Cook his favorite meal. 

This is a simple yet very romantic gift that every husband will love to receive from his wife.

Eat the meal together, and afterward, play a sexy game or watch a movie prior to having an amazing intimate night.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Birthday Gift Ideas for Husbands

The DIY birthday gifts for husbands below are creative, unique, and inexpensive.

If your husband has everything, make one of the DIY gifts for him. He will appreciate this birthday gift even more because it’s homemade, by his beautiful wife.

1. Homemade Seasonings

For the husband who loves to cook, try making some homemade seasonings, such as a homemade barbecue rub or homemade bacon salt.

They work well for all kinds of dishes, especially for grilling!

2. Personalized Beer Holder

Create a wooden beer holder that is personalized with his name or a special sentiment.

Visit a craft store and get supplies to create this wooden beer crate, such as small wooden boards, stain, and a plaque that you can engrave to express yourself.

3. Watch and Jewelry Holder for Men

Grab an old picture frame, some fabric, and an old cabinet knob and put together a watch holder for the special man in your life.

Add a small plastic cup to the frame, and it’s the perfect place for him to store his ring when he’s in the garage or in the shower.

4. Date Jar

Get an old Mason jar, some paper, and some pens, and come up with some great date night ideas for the two of you.

Let him pick a paper out and decide what the two of you will spend the night doing. Get creative!

5. Homemade Scarf

If you are good when it comes to crocheting or knitting, pick up a pattern and make him a scarf.

If not, why not learn a new hobby? Your hubby will be extra impressed that you took the time to learn something new just for him.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, amazing birthday gifts for your husband. As you can see, there are many gifts here that most husbands would definitely love for their birthday.

Your husband needs to feel loved and cherished just as much as you do. A great birthday gift is one of the many ways you can say, “I love you bunches!”.

We hope you found the best birthday gift that suits your husband’s interests and personality.

Your turn

What are some of the best birthday gifts for husbands that need to be on this list?

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Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband: 25 Unique Ideas and Useful Presents You Can Buy for Him