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Activity Books for Couples

Looking for fun activity books for couples? If yes, then this is your “one-stop-shop” so to speak of the best resources for couples activity books.

Activity books are to couples like what kindling is to fire! So, light it up and embrace the heat and closeness you two will share after going through one of these babies.

15 Fun activity books for couples to do together

1. Quizzes for Couples: Fun Questions to Complete Together and Strengthen Your Relationship

How well do you really know your spouse? Whether you’ve been married for two years, or for twenty, this fun activity book for couples will get you both laughing!

If your spouse’s first or second love language is quality time, this quiz book is a must-have!

Spend some good ol’ fashioned quality time with one another as you answer questions about your spouse and swap to reveal who won. Like in marriage, when one spouse wins, you both do.


2. Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

Scratch that adventurous itch you share with this bucket list book for couples.  With this journal, you can create your couple’s bucket list, reminisce, and dream together.

It includes a couple’s bucket list activity section, fun bucket list ideas, and sections to write about your experiences.


3. Paint by Sticker: Travel: Re-create 12 Vintage Posters One Sticker at a Time!


This incredibly creative twist on the classic paint-by-number activity is sure to be a fun experience for you and your partner.

Just peel and stick and watch your vintage poster come to life right before eyes. This travel-themed booklet comes with over ten iconic vintage travel posters. Bon voyage, and enjoy!


4. The New York Times Best of the Week Series: Monday Crosswords: 50 Easy Puzzles

If you and your loved one adore puzzling, here’s a fun activity for you!

Part of the New York Times “Best of the Week” series, this Monday edition features fun crossword puzzles that can be solved by beginner and expert alike.

Embrace lazy Mondays with your crosswords conundrum for two!


5. Word Search Puzzles for Couples: A Fun Relationship Themed Activity Book

If you love doing word search puzzles together, this is the perfect couples activity book to buy. It comes with over 70 word searches that focust on topics about relationships like intimacy, communication, finances, etc.

Plus, the solution to each puzzle is at the back.


6. Our Gratitude Journal: 52 Weeks of Love, Mindfulness, and Appreciation for Couples

Here’s a book every couple could use!

When life seems messy and complicated and busy, break it down with this gratitude journal to remind yourselves how life is meant to be lived: with gratitude for every day.

This journal will help you and your spouse to establish a mindset of appreciation with every turn of the page.

With 52 weeks of thought-provoking prompts and pockets of quotes for inspiration along the way, never again will you take your spouse for granted.


7. Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Lord knows we could all use a laugh some days. And when you do, this is the perfect book for you!

This coloring book for married couples will both calm and delight you and your spouse as you color together.

You will relate to probably 100% of the events found in the pages of this Snarky Adult Coloring Book.


8. Me, You, Us: A Book to Fill Out Together

This charming, quirky and rather wild activity book for couples is just the thing to get creative with your cutie pie.

Not only does it act as a fill-in-the-blank activity book, but it doubles as your very own time capsule. Fill it out now, and cherish it always.


9. Our Love Story Journal: 138 Questions and Prompts for Couples to Complete Together

We are so excited to share with you one of our very own books, Our Love Story Journal. This is a gift you can dive deep into, taking your time rediscovering one another, and fondly cherishing every word for years to come!

Answering the 138 questions and prompts will help you to reminisce your unique love story, deepen your connection, and strengthen intimacy in your relationship.

In addition, you can use this journal as a keepsake to pass down and share with your children and beyond.


10. New Top Creative Set Sex 101 Positions Sex Position Coloring Book

A book that is as playful as it is informative, this sexy coloring book for couples is certainly the most fun your crayon box will ever have!

With over 100 drawings of couples in real sex positions, this book will prove to be an educational experience to be sure.

As you color in the lines, you can explore between the sheets.


11. A Year of Questions: A 52-Week Q&A Book for Couples to Complete Together, Connect, and Have Meaningful Conversations

This question and answer journal for couples will help you to enhance intimacy, strengthen and add more fun to your relationship over the course of a full year.

You both have to simply write your answer to one of the fun and engaging questions each week. Then discuss what you wrote with one another.

After completing this book, you will both enjoy reflecting on the growth of your relationship.


12. Knock Knock What I Love about Us Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

Couples, this is probably one of the sweetest fill-in-the-blank journals we’ve seen yet! With over a dozen short and sweet prompts, enjoy filling in the blanks and reflecting on your answers.

Make it as mushy, gushy or raunchy as you’d like. The possibilities are as far as your imagination will take you.


13. Big Book of Sudoku

Kick it old school and sharpen your minds with a classic game of Sudoku.

Another activity book for the eager puzzler, this BIG book of Suduko includes over 500 puzzles over a variety of levels, so there’s plenty for you and your spouse to enjoy together.


14. Coloring for Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book

Another great coloring book for couples, this sarcastic book picks fun at the very worst of what it means to engage in the timeless act of “adulting”.

No one likes it, but we all must do it – at some point or another.

So why not pick fun at the things we dread, and color ourselves into a calm state of acceptance.


15. Adult Coloring Book Designs: Stress Relief Coloring Book: Garden Designs, Mandalas, Animals, and Paisley Patterns

If you and your spouse have an eye for detail and an overload of stress, this is exactly what you need.

The intricate designs of this charming coloring book for adults are proven to relieve stress.

Now, color your way to calmer and happier evenings with your significant other.


Bonus activity book for couples

Questions for Couples: 469 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Connecting, Building Trust, and Rekindling Intimacy

Another book by yours truly, our Questions for Couples book is just the thing for couples looking to strengthen their relationship and enhance intimacy.

This book with over 450 conversation starters shows you exactly where to start in having those deep and engaging conversations with your spouse.

A little help to keep the connection strong and the romance going is never a bad idea, no matter how long (or brief) you’ve been married. Plus, it’s perfect for your next road trip.


Final thoughts

So there you have it! A complete list of activity books ranging from question books and journals to coloring books and puzzles.

This list should be plenty to get you and your spouse started on a journey that will strengthen your marriage while adding some laughs.

Now, get a few for your next date night, vacation trip, or as a gift for your favorite couple.

Your turn

What is your favorite activity book for couples?

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