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family themesFamily themes are awesome, and present unique ways to describe your family.

Family themes vary from one family to another.

And the best way to choose yours is by knowing what you want your family to exemplify or be portrayed as.

A family theme has lots of benefits, with one benefit being a common goal for your family to work towards.

The best moment about having a family theme is when people describe your family as your family theme.

For example, we love to hear friends, family and even strangers call our family peaceful since our family theme is peaceful family.

I remember a complete stranger approached us at a local store in 2011 just to tell us we send out a peaceful vibe. That is certainly proof that having a family theme can positively impact other lives.

Imagine if instead of our family it was yours.

How would you, and your family or spouse feel?

Due to the success we have had with our family theme, we have compiled the steps we took in choosing our family theme into five awesome and simple steps.

These five steps work, it will definitely help you and your family to choose a family theme that suits your family.

The last  step is about our family theme; peaceful family.

Below are the 5 steps on family themes:

1. Choosing the best theme for your family. Part 1

2. Define the your “why” for your family theme. Part 2

3. Why is “why” so important for your family theme? Part 3

4. Actionable steps for your family theme. Part 4

5. What is your family theme? Part 5

Check out Our family theme (Peaceful family)

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Image: (CC) Eric Castro

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