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Best Christmas gifts for husband

Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for your husband? Let’s be honest, sometimes it is hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for him.

Getting a gift he will use and appreciate more than once is harder.

So if you’re stumped on what to get for your husband this Christmas, read on to get all sorts of gifts ideas, or to spark inspiration for others!

Top 27 best Christmas gifts for husband

1. CUCOL Bamboo Wooden Watch

For a classy and smooth gift, your husband can wear this wooden watch every day. This bamboo watch by Cucol shouts simplicity and modernity.

The face of the watch is made with genuine, light bamboo and a cowhide leather strap for all-day comfort. The light color of the bamboo compliments the medium brown of the strap, giving a minimalist and elegant look to the watch.

A simple gift, this Cucol watch is a sleek and useful addition to your husband’s daily attire. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for the husband that has everything, get this watch.


2. Funny Husband T-Shirt With Saying Best Friend Lover Gift Tee

For the active man in your life, your husband is sure to enjoy a lovely t-shirt with the sayings: husband, best friend, lover, spider remover, teammate, partner, human heater.

He can work out, run, or just be active in this cute t-shirt for married men. Definitely a great Christmas gift for husbands.


3. Sorel Falcon Ridge Slipper

Let your husband cozy up in these warm slippers inside while keeping away from the cold outside.

Sorel’s leather slipper with a synthetic sole is lined with a wool blend to keep his toes toasty and comfortable during the winter.


4. Camera Lens Travel Mug

What a creative Christmas gift for an artistic husband!

This sneaky coffee mug is made for travel. Stainless steel and insulated, this camera lens replica mug is perfect for him to take his hot chocolate or a coffee to work all year round.


5. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Camping Double with Tree Straps

Though not a typical item that comes to mind as a Christmas holiday gift, this suspension hammock comes with side opening carabiner tree straps for easy setup and break down.

It’s made specifically for two, so you and your husband can snuggle up and enjoy the wide-open outdoors when summer comes again.


6. Toiletry Bag for Men with 2 Bonus Travel Bottles

Help your hubby organize his tolieterries and shaving supplies with this durable leather toiletry bag for men.

Your husband can use this bag for his next business trip, family vacation, when he travels for work, or at home.


7. Polare 23” Duffle Genuine Leather Weekender Travel Duffel luggage Bag

In addition, to the toiletry bag above, you can get this leather travel bag for your husband. Pairing them together will definitely makes a lovely Christmas gift set for the hubby who loves to travel, or has to travel for work.


8. The North Face Beanie

Bundle up this Christmas with a brilliant North Face Beanie. You can’t go wrong with a simpler, smaller and more useful Christmas gift for winter.

The beanie is fleece lined and includes an ear band for superior warmth for the harsh winter winds.


9. People Socks Hiking Socks

Buy your husband a great pair of activewear this Christmas. Made of premium Merino wool, these People socks are reinforced in the toe and heel for durability and extra cushioning.

Merino wool is known for its softness and warmth without making you sweat. You can’t go wrong with these socks for a hike up the slushy mountain or a trek through the snowy woods.


10. Brew. Share. Enjoy. Homebrew 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Starter Kit with Block Party Amber Ale Beer Recipe Kit and Brew Kettle

If your husband is interested in brewing beer but has not started yet, this brewing starter kit will be the ideal Christmas gift for him.

Also, it comes with instructions and a recipe kit.


11. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

A gift to keep him hydrated, the Hydro Flask insulated water bottle is stainless steel with a powder coat finish for no sweat.

The bottle keeps hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours, and the cold drinks cold for up to an impressive 24 hours!

Complete with a flex cap, the bottle is also BPA-free for his safety.


12. Adidas Slide Sandal

For the ultimate comfort of your active husband, buy him a pair of Adidas slide sandals. The rubber sole sandal includes an adjustable upper strap for a secure fit for every foot.

The synthetic lining is extra soft and water resistant for quick-dry comfort and odor control.


13. Cooking Gift Set | BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set | Perfect Gift for Guys | Birthday Gift for Dad

Get your husband this unique set of grilling chips to use the next time he grills.

He can use it to grill during Christmas Holidays, New Year’s Eve, his birthday or just because.


14. Sperry’s Boat Shoe

This shoe isn’t just for boating. Sperry shoes are known for their good quality and signature appearance, making them a perfect shoe for most months out of the year.

Stylish and comfortable, the shoe has a leather exterior with a rubber sole and breathable lining.

Your husband will enjoy this Christmas gift for months and years to come. If you don’t know what to get your husband for Christmas, get this shoe.


15. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a new, genuine leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger. The wallet has one bill compartment and six card slots, including a removable ID window for his convenience.

These leather wallets last for years with little damage or wear to show for it. Your husband can enjoy a simple and stylish pocket size wallet he can use for years to come.


16. Amazon Echo

The ultimate speaker, the Amazon Echo is perfect for your tech-loving hubby this Christmas.

It can play all of his music from more than five different apps, has voice control for hands-free convenience, and can now connect to apps that allow him to control lights, switches, and thermostats all over your house.

Plus, the Echo can answer questions and read information to you such as the news, weather, sports, traffic and local businesses. Can his old music speaker do that?


17. Apple iPad Air Retina Display

Anyone can benefit from a handy, compact size Apple iPad Air. Sometimes lugging a laptop around with him becomes inconvenient when he is on the go.

The iPad Air, with a resolution size of 2048×1536, allows your husband to take it with him anywhere. It acts like an Apple laptop but feels like a book.

Your husband can still get his work done without the hassle of a comparatively bulky computer with this iPad.


18. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancellings

The best Bose has to offer, their headphones just got wireless. No wire, no hassle. No noise, just music.

Now your husband can enjoy a day working in the garage or a night in cooking with his wireless headphones that last up to 20 hours per charge.

Bose’s noise cancellation and rejection system will prevent outside noise from interrupting his music or podcast listening.


19. Siam Mandalay Hidden Passage Wooden Puzzle

For husbands who enjoy tricky brain teasers, this is just the gift to get their minds working.

Handcrafted with a luxury feel, the puzzle is made of monkeypod wood, a holistic and eco-friendly choice. This Siam Mandalay product, you are also given a lifetime guarantee of receiving a new one if it ever breaks, for free.


20. Emoji Universe Professional Practice Golf Balls

Just for fun –and good for practice too–, these emoji golf balls make a great gag gift for your humorous husband.

It’s safe for practice and miniature golf in the yard. The set includes twelve golf balls, two of each emoji!


21. NFL Wrap Style Sunglasses

For the football fanatics, buy your husband these handy and stylish sunglasses to wear on brighter days. They are customized for all the 32 NFL teams, so all you need to do is pick the one for his favorite team.

These high-quality sunglasses have maximum UVA/UVB protection to last the whole game.


22. Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that will help your husband sleep better, get this noise canceling machine for him. It will definitely help him sleep soundly.


23. Pro Club Fleece Cargo Sweatpants

The perfect sweatpant for the cold winter ahead, these Pro Club sweatpants are famous for their weight and thickness.

Made of fleece, the design has an elastic drawstring at the waist and pant cuff and a relaxed fit for ultimate comfort.


24. Coupons From The Heart

Looking for romantic Christmas gifts for your husband?

This coupon book for couples will help you and your husband to have more romance in your relationship.


25. Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket

For the colder Christmas months, get your husband a Columbia Fleece Jacket.

The jacket is fleece lined with zipper closure and has several pockets for safe storing. Perfect for fall and winter alike.

This is a great jacket for your husband to wear around the office or under a winter coat for extra padding and warmth.


26. Personalized Camera Strap

For the hubby who loves using his camera, this personalized camera strap for photographers is the perfect Christmas gift.


27. Himalayan Salt Lamp

A soothing gift for your hard-working husband, WBM’s Himalayan Salt Lamp is just the thing to restore peace and calm after a busy day.

The salt acts as a purifier and radiates a calming amber color. Good for his office because it doesn’t give off any scents.

You can also place this Salt Lamp in your bedroom or living room, while you both relax at the end of a wonderful day of Christmas festivities with the family.


10 Unique Do-It-Yourself Christmas gifts ideas for husband

If you don’t want to buy a Christmas gift for your husband this year, below are 10 unique DIY gift ideas that you can make for him. Your husband will love to receive them too!

1. Book Organizer

For the studious man in your life, find a library book.

Then hollow out the pages, and create a one of a kind organizer that will allow you to add pouches for a field guide, iPod or cell phone, pens, and anything else he might need. Looks great on a desk too!

2. Original Camera Straps

Photographers everywhere will love this gift idea. Simply grab some fabric and fabric paint, and create a one of a kind design on a strip of fabric that would be perfect to use as a camera strap!

3. Personalized Coasters

Creating a painted or fabric design on cork coasters will liven up any study and make the decor pop!

This is another great Christmas great idea if your husband simply never remembers to use a coaster. These personalized coasters will make him smile whenever he reaches for one!

4. Painted Mousepad

For this DIY gift idea, get some fabric paints and a plain mouse pad. Then create a one of a kind design.

The fabric paints will work well on the mouse pad material, and your husband will be sure to fall in love with the design you create each time he uses his computer.

5. Jar Vases or Candleholders with Stencils

Does your husband enjoy a nicely scented candle or decor that will look nice in your home?

If that is the case, can grab some stencils, paints, and jars, and make a homemade jar candle holder or vase. You can make them for football teams, outdoor themes, or even his favorite television show.

6. Homemade Laptop Cases

If your husband spends a lot of time carrying around a laptop, make him an extra special homemade laptop case!

Get fabrics, a sewing machine, glue, a plain laptop case, and let your imagination run wild.

7. Personalized Mugs

Grab some plain mugs and some sharpies or paints. Create your design or write your message, and bake them in the oven for a few minutes.

Once it is out of the oven, you will have a one of a kind gift that is perfect for his coffee, tea, and hot chocolate!

8. Keychains

Keychains are a gift that will always be loved – and there are so many designs to make!

Grab some photographs, wallpaper or patterned tape, and create a unique design for his keychain!

9. Wooden Beer Holder

Create a beer holder out of wood!

This craft is great, and an easy way to replace the standard cardboard carrier that comes with a six-pack of beer with a more sturdy, personalized option.

10. Personalized Photo Frames

Grab a plain photo frame and paint your own design on it – making it a one of a kind gift. Add a favorite photo of the two of you and you’re set!

Final thoughts

So there you have it, wives. Now go forth and spread some cheer with a great Christmas gift for your husband!

We hope you enjoyed our gifts ideas and found them helpful in your hunt for the best Christmas gifts for him.

Your turn

What will you get your husband for Christmas this year?

Do you have any Christmas gift ideas for husbands that can be added to this list?


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