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Bucket List Journals for Couples

In this article, you will discover some of the best bucket list journals for couples. Plus 2 complementary books that will inspire you to create unique bucket list adventures.

During our research for bucket list journals for couples, we observed there are a ton of bucket list books. However, only a few were designed for couples.

Some were simply blank pages, some were filled with ideas, and others were more like travel guides stuffed with information about different locales around the world.

Below, you will find the best bucket list journals for couples. Grab your partner and check these journals out!

Best 4 bucket list journals for couples

1. Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

Whether you’re a brand new couple or married, Our Bucket List Adventures is the perfect bucket list journal for couples. Because you will both be able to create, and record memories from your bucket list adventures together.

There are 115 ideas ranging from simple bonding activities to exciting adventures, with plenty of room to jot your own bucket list ideas.

Furthermore, each bucket list section has a category to brainstorm ideas such as “Activities to do Together” or “Free or Inexpensive Things”. There are even sections for self-improvement, which makes this journal even better.

Included inside is a goal finder with page numbers you can write in, so you can find a specific item on your list. The goal finder page is a great idea for couples because you can easily go back and add memories, photos, or check an idea off.

Lastly, the journaling section has enough space to journal on one side, and space for pictures on the other. As well as a few engaging questions to help you reflect and make the most out of your bucket list adventure!


2. The Bucket List for Couples

For couples that want to strengthen their relationship or just spend more time together, this bucket list journal is another great way to get started.

Not sure what to put down on your bucket list? These chapters are broken up into six different parts to make it easy: Travel, Adventure, Career & Finance, Relationships, Personal Development, and Community.

If you get stuck, there are a few ideas throughout the book to spark your imagination. The book is easy to use with a line for your goals and a place to write down a target date so you have a concrete plan to work towards.

Think of this like a journal to share with your significant other and bounce ideas back and forth. There’s even a spot in the book to place pictures and jot down memories so you can always remember the great times.


3. Personalized Anniversary Journal: Our Bucket List

bucket list journal for couples

If you’re looking for a bucket list book to celebrate an anniversary, this engraved journal is the perfect fit.

Also, this bucket list journal for couples can be personalized to make a unique keepsake. The wood cover and hinge color are customizable, plus your names and anniversary date are laser-engraved on the cover.

You can choose from oak, walnut, or mahogany wood for the cover, plus order 30, 45, or 60-sheet books depending on how many pages you want. The paper is acid-free and safe for pictures.

This handmade journal is a bit more expensive than the others but makes a fantastic gift or journal for married couples. It’s ideal for couples that want more free space in their bullet list books to jot down ideas, paste pictures, or write down their memories.

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4. Bucket List Journal, Personalized Wedding Anniversary or Retirement Gift

Bucket list journal

This handmade bucket list journal is a fantastic place to keep not only ideas and lists, but also travel tickets, pictures, and more!

This is another customizable book that you can have your names and anniversary date printed on the cover. The map can also be changed for a more personal touch.

This bucket list journal for couples is filled with different types of paper from legal, ledger, and graph paper. Also, it can be ordered with all blank or all lined pages. There are accordion pages for photographs, pockets, and even envelopes.

Specifically, this notebook is an ideal bucket list book for creative couples that want to create a “scrapbook” type of journal.

There aren’t very many pages or special additions such as ideas list. However, it’s a good choice for couples that know what they want to do already.

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Scratch Off World Map Poster

For couples that love to travel, you can keep track of your adventures across the globe with this scratch-off world map poster. Pick a spot and add it to your bucket list. Then scratch it off when you’ve visited.

This scratch-off poster makes it easy to track where you’ve been since you scratch off the gold to reveal the brightly colored countries and places beneath. There’s also something satisfying about scratching off a new location.

Plus, the map comes with a useful scratching tool (so you don’t have to look for a coin) and activity stickers. The map itself is large enough you can easily read the details but not so big that you couldn’t tack it up on your wall.


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Two Complementary bucket list books

If you’re looking for additional ideas for your bucket list, these handy guides are sure to inspire you to go on even more adventures together!

1. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders

This book is jam-packed with information about places from the stunningly gorgeous to the incredibly bizarre. It’s full of pictures and detailed descriptions of interesting and exotic places sure to make it on your bucket list.

Atlas Obscura is definitely an invaluable guide for couples that love to travel and explore new locations together, especially spots not found in traditional travel guidebooks.

It’s the ideal read for couples that want to experience the most unusual wonders our world has to offer, from glowworm caves and poison gardens to museums dedicated to oddities and mechanical marvels. If you like the weird but wonderful, definitely check out this guide.


2. Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

Want to find exciting and exotic new places to visit all over the world? If so, then get this book from National Geographic. It will definitely give you and your partner the itch to travel.

As expected of NatGeo, the pages are filled with stunning photographs along with information on each locale.

The book also includes ideas on what to do while you’re there, tips on the best time to visit, and the best methods to get there (incredibly helpful when it comes to spots that are harder to find).

Plus, there are websites included with more information so you can brainstorm the details as you plan for your bucket list adventure.


Get your couples bucket list journal today

Then create a couples bucket list together. Becuase it’s is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

Infact, experiencing different cultures, seeing new places, and accomplishing your dreams is twice as exciting with your partner than alone. So make sure you grab one these journals and start creating your bucket list goals today.

If you’re thinking about starting a couple’s bucket list, but aren’t sure where to begin, check out the article below:

115+ Bucket List Ideas for Couples to Experience Together

Final thoughts

Whether you know exactly where you want to go or what you want to do, we hope these bucket list journals for couples will inspire you to make your dreams become a reality.

After all, there is a whole world to explore, places to see, and new things to experience together. Going on new adventures is more fun together and besides, making a couple’s bucket list is sure to help you feel closer.

So go ahead and get started… have fun, laugh, fall in love all over again and make new memories. There’s no better time than now!

Your turn

Which of the above bucket list journals for couples do you like the most?


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Best 4 Bucket List Journals for Couples (2 Complementary Books Included)