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Best Easter gifts for husband

Are you looking for an Easter gift for your husband? Don’t know what to put in the Easter basket for your hubby? Can’t find a useful gift for him?

Well today, we are going to share a list of Easter basket gifts ideas you can buy, or make for your husband.

Best 13 Easter basket gifts ideas for your husband

1. Funny Husband Hubby Gift Shirt With Saying Best Friend Lover T-Shirt

Is your hubby your best friend, teammate, human heater, spider remover, lover, and much more?

Then get him this funny t-shirt for Easter. It’s sure to make him smile.


2. A Moleskine journal

For the husband who likes to write down his ideas, or journal his life with you, this moleskin journal is just the perfect gift for him this easter.


3. A pair of comfy socks

If your husband is anything like mine, he enjoys useful gifts.

A pair of comfy socks can do the trick to put a smile on your husband’s face this easter.


4. Questions for Couples: 469 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Connecting, Building Trust, and Rekindling Intimacy

Do you want to have fun and deeper conversations with your husband this Easter?

If so, then add this book of questions for couples to his Easter basket.


5. Happy Easter 18 Ounce Ceramic Easter Bunny Coffee Mug/Cup

For the husband who loves using mugs, this cute Easter bunny mug will make a great addition.


6. Custom Leather Keychain

Get a personalized keychain with a special, lovely, funny, or even sexy message for your hubby.

Your message can be as simple as:

1. I Love You

2. You Are Sexy

3. Happy Easter 2018

4. You Are My Best Friend

5. I Love Your Body


7. Bamboo Travel Coffee Mug

What better way to keep your husband’s coffee hot or his drinks cold! This gift will be useful for many Easter seasons to come.


8. A personalized pen

A personalized pen for your husband to keep in his office. This wooden personally engraved pen makes this gift unique as well as useful.


9. Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

Add this skincare gift set to the above shaving accessories bag to make a great shaving gift set for your husband.

This gift set comes with a shaving cream, aftershave, body wash, hand salve and original Beeswax lip balm.


10. An Amazon Gift Card

For the husband who has everything, get him an Amazon Gift card. That way he can pick out exactly what he wants and needs for Easter.

You can also buy a gift card to his favorite clothing or sports store, restaurants like LongHorn Steak House, Chillies, or even Starbucks, etc.


11. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky has gotten more popular these days with more and more companies offering healthier and tasty versions.

Surprise your husband with a couple different flavors of jerky this easter. Don’t forget to add hot sauce too. 🙂


12. MSG Vintage Leather Canvas Travel Toiletry Bag Shaving Dopp Kit

Help your hubby keep his shaving accessories organized with this leather shaving accessories bag. Your husband can also use it for his business trips, your next road trip, or vacation.


13. Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with chocolate this season!

Get a sampler pack, his favorite brand, or some artesian chocolate for your husband this easter. You can also surprise him with something new.


14. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Is it time to replace his old headphones?

Easter will be the perfect time to do just that, so get your hubby this awesome headphone.


15. Customized Wood Corkscrew and Multi-Tool

Not only will your hubby use this personalized gift as a bottle opener, he can also use it to open his wine.


16. A jewelry bracelet

A bracelet with a cross can be a nice surprise this easter season.


More Easter gifts ideas for your husband’s basket

In addition to the Easter basket gifts above, you can add the ones below too.

1. Scratch-off tickets.

You can easily get a handful of scratch-off tickets from the grocery store.

2. Deodorant.

Surprise your husband with a couple of his favorite deodorants.

3. Beer, Wine or Liquor.

Another surprise addition to his Easter basket can be his favorite beer, wine or liquor.

4. Toothpick.

Because it is a useful tool.

5. His favorite snacks.

Buying his favorite snacks is a budget-friendly way to make his day this Easter.

Get all his favorite munchies and add them to his own Easter basket. Who says Easter baskets are just for kids?

6. Homemade coupons

Make some coupons for things you know your husband enjoys like back massages, his favorite dinners, and sexual favors as a nice surprise this Easter.

After all, it is the season to celebrate fertility!

7. Tickets to his favorite sports team games or a movie.

Tickets to the movies, sporting events near you, or go big and get tickets to see his favorite sports team play!

What a fun and unique Easter gift your husband is sure to enjoy with you by his side.

8. A good book to read.

Who doesn’t love a good book?

Check out his reading list and surprise him with one of the titles he has been meaning to read.

9. Coffee

A perfect addition to the coffee mug mentioned before.

A specialty brand of coffee or just his favorite bag of freshly roasted coffee beans is sure to wake up your husband this Easter.

Need help in making the Easter basket for your husband?

First, the obvious things you need are an Easter basket, grass, and the gifts to put in it. You can easily find an Easter basket at your local mom and pop shops.

For the grass, you take a nice piece of colored paper and shred it into the Easter basket.

Then, wrap and place the gifts you made or purchased into the basket and arrange them beautifully. And that’s it.

Final thoughts

We hope you found this list of Easter gifts ideas helpful. Let us know if you have an Easter gift to add to this list.

Have a wonderful Easter.

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Best Easter Gifts for Your Husband: 13 Easter Basket Ideas and Presents for Him