Peaceful Home Environment: 8 Tips For Creating Yours

Peaceful Home Environment Tips For Creating YoursCreating a peaceful home environment, a peaceful family, and helping first year married couples build a strong foundation for their marriage is what inspired us to build this website.

We have already written a post about why it was so important for each of us to have a peaceful home and family.

Why we chose peaceful family as our family theme, and share awesome marriage tips for married couples especially those in their first year of marriage.

Is it even possible to build or create a peaceful home environment?

In today’s world, its easy to think it’s not, but we beg to differ.

We have a peaceful home, and with our tips on how to create or build a peaceful home environment, anyone can have a peaceful home.

We have implemented these tips in our family.

As a result, living in a stress free environment where everyone is free to express themselves while respecting each other, following basic rules of the home but also knowing how to go with the flow is very realistic.

In order to build a peaceful home or peaceful environment, make it a priority, then commit to achieving this goal by a specific date; be intentional.

If you are married, its best to have your spouse in agreement with you.

You both have to be on the same page or you will simply be working against each other and not be achieving the peaceful home environment you want.

If you are not married but intend to be married someday, the first step to attaining this starts by marrying someone who shares this goal too.

So do you really want to create or build a peaceful home, and a peaceful environment for your family?

If your answer is yes, here are some basic tips to get you started on how to create a peaceful home:

1) Agree on this goal (having a peaceful home) with your spouse if married. Discuss and understand what their idea of a peaceful family or peaceful home is, then come up with a plan of action.

2) Eliminate any unnecessary activities, relationships, arguments, and anything that could be adding unwanted stress in your life.

And stay out of unneeded drama or fights with family and friends. A great book to read to help with this is Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud.

3) Get your finances in order. Budgeting and getting out of debt can help relieve so much stress!

Check out the The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey. It is a proven step by step guide that shows you to get out of debt, build wealth, and budget right.

4) Become active together, exercise, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. This will help your family to FEEL better too.

5) Be intentional with your relationships. Family comes first, spend time and connect with each other and your kids; children spell love time.

Do something like playing a game, going to a hands-on science center, cooking, playing a sport, or anything that gets you focused on each other while having fun.

6) Peace at home requires decorating your home. Therefore decorate your home to be serene, calm, welcoming, peaceful and cozy.

7) Organize your home to prevent clutter. Kids do not make this easy at all but being organized has awesome benefits.

Our daughter is a little over 15 months old so we know what it is like, and often have a messy living room (her playroom for now) we just try to pick up once or twice a day.

8) Set rules for your home. We do not imply you make your home to be a court room.

Just set your principles or standards and stick to them, while being flexible with the minor and unimportant things.

If you choose to implement a few of these tips on how to create peaceful home, you will be well on your way to creating or building a peaceful home or environment for your family.

Although the tips above seems geared towards married couples, any one can benefit from them so feel free to share with all and sundry.

You can not have a happy and peaceful lifestyle without a peaceful home, or  a peaceful environment.

Therefore peace in the family can be achieved by creating a peaceful home or peaceful environment for our families.

Create yours, build it, then share your story. Lets build peaceful homes and impact the world by living a happy and peaceful life.

Your Turn:

How can you achieve a peaceful home, or peaceful environment for your family?

What tips can you add to the list above?

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  • Marcus


    We are glad you enjoyed this post. Our children might not co-operate with being “peaceful” and “organized” at home. But as they grow, they will eventually learn and benefit from a peaceful home environment.

    We are very excited you and your wife are already working on all the tips above, let us know your progress in the near future. And kindly share your story with others, and together we can create or build more peaceful homes around the world.


  • Allan Dubon

    That is a great list. My wife and I are working on all of those. We are getting closer to being debt free, we are eating healthy together and are both loosing weight and being more active.

    With 4 kids “peaceful” might not seem that way to everyone, lol, but we do have a fantastic home. Our kids go crazy and make lots of noise, but they are well behaved and play well with each other and other kids also. We love being home with them when we can be.

    Its all about respect, respecting your relationships, your finances, your body, your time and your space!