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peaceful familyPeaceful family life! Having a peaceful family (our family theme) life is one of our important family goals.

As a couple, we believe it is essential to have simple, common, yet integral goals for your marriage, and family.

We decided that having a peaceful family (our family theme) and a peaceful home life was one of our goals for the kind of home we would like to have and raise our children in.

It’s what we want to be known for.

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How do we have a peaceful family life?

Communication, hand in hand partnership, working together as a team not against each other, agreeing on finances, and lots of patience are just some of the skills we use to make this happen.

We decided on this peaceful family theme for our peaceful home because of our future goals and past experiences. Plus we did not want to repeat some of our past family experiences or even let our children go through them.

We quickly realized the best option moving forward was to identify what our past was, what our present is, and what we want our future to be. We both had different upbringing hence by identifying these, we were able to choose our family theme; peaceful family.

Ashley’s take

Due to my upbringing, I didn’t know how to properly “disagree”, was very quick tempered, and had no patience the first year we were married.

Slowly and painfully, I swallowed my pride and took the steps required to work on these things, as well as the insecurities that popped up.

What helped us survive our first year of marriage was my husband being incredibly patient and understanding to me. – Ashley

Marcus’s take

I had to learn to understand where she was coming from. I needed to loosen up, listen attentively to her needs and not be rigid due to my vastly different upbringing.

Whenever we talk about our first year of marriage, I tell Ashley, honestly, if she hadn’t changed, thus improved herself, we would probably be divorced because neither of us wants to LIVE an unhappy life.

And she agrees as we both have done a lot of growing and changing. – Marcus

Why you need to do it together

By working together as a team, trusting each other, listening to each other’s healthy critiques, planning, sharing duties and responsibilities, organizing our home to prevent clutter (our daughter is a year old now, and preventing clutter has not been easy but we enjoy watching every moment she begins to clutter her toys 🙂 ), we were able to build a solid foundation for our marriage.

In addition, we have joint bank accounts, budget every month (we are still learning to have a zero-based balanced budget).

Agree on child upbringing, respect each other, read at least one marriage or family book together each year.

Plan yearly goals for our family, enjoy every moment of our daily family time together.

And believe that everything will work out fine; this helps us not to stress so much.

Final thoughts

Choosing a family theme has enabled us to grow together over the past few years in our marriage while nurturing our peaceful family.

We believe you can have a peaceful family life too, especially if that’s the theme for your family.

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Your turn:

What is your family theme?

How are you living it daily?

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