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Do you want to learn how to adjust to married life, build a strong foundation, and survive your first year of marriage?

Are you looking for a newlyweds guide to help you prepare well for your marriage? Or do you want to have the best marriage you possibly can?

If yes, then First Year of Marriage: The Newlyweds Guide to Building a Strong Foundation and Adjusting to Married Life is the must-read book for you.


This easy-to-read newlyweds guide will help you to overcome your first-year struggles, so you can build a strong foundation for the happy, healthy and fulfilling marriage you desire.

That being said, it’s also a great starting point for anyone wishing to strengthen, rekindle, or start over in their marriage.

Plus, it’s a great wedding gift for engaged and newly married couples.

You see, we used to be the “struggling” newlyweds.

We know what it feels like, the frustration, anger, lifestyle changes, new behavior discoveries, adjustments, etc….

You are not alone.

During our first few months of marriage, we also struggled with most of the issues newlyweds face, like:

making decisions together.

dividing the household duties.

wondering if this was what marriage was supposed to be.

coping with new discoveries about each other.

disagreeing on our finances.

arguing all the time which lead to tears, resentment, and giving each another the silent treatment.

In addition, we could not communicate effectively with each other even though we thought we knew how to.

We finally got a point where we both had had it with each other.

We could not let our struggles continue to make our marriage difficult because we didn’t want a marriage that was this full of stress.

We knew we could become better if we learned how to resolve our problems by working together. Neither one of us could do it alone because marriage is about teamwork.

So we learned everything we could, communicated a lot, and put into practice what we learned.

After a few weeks, our frustrations began to lessen.

Our marriage started getting better. Which began our journey toward building a strong foundation for our marriage.

After being successful with everything we worked on for our marriage, we decided to share our lessons on this website to help and inspire other married couples.

Today, we share it all in our First Year of Marriage book so newlyweds like you can learn from our mistakes, enjoy their first year and have a fulfilling marriage.

In this First Year of Marriage book, you will learn:

How to build a strong foundation and adjust to married life.

How to ask the right questions and engage your spouse in meaningful conversations that impact your marriage.

How to accept, appreciate and enjoy the unique traits of your spouse so that you don’t feel frustrated and disappointed again.

Why you should treat your first year as a learning experience.

How to become one and work together as a team.

How to fight fair, communicate effectively, and discover your “unspoken” marriage expectations.

How to build trust, set boundaries, and handle your money.

Sexual intimacy and spirituality.

How to connect, grow together, and deal with the hard times.

How to create a vision for your marriage.

How to make decisions that not only affects and benefits you but also benefits your spouse.

We have also included a 12-Week Action Plan to help you apply everything you learn from this book

This guide for newlyweds isn’t just about us

It’s about you!

We wrote this book for newlyweds who want to use their first year of marriage to build a strong foundation for their marriage. Even in the midst of all the marriage adjustments.

So even if you are completely overwhelmed or struggling to adjust to married life, you can use your first year to build a strong foundation for your marriage with your spouse.

This book is written for all couples

Regardless of your religious or sexual orientation, this book is for you. That is really what we wanted when we wrote it.

To write something very different from the resources out there already. A book for everyone who is preparing for marriage, newlyweds, or just looking to better their marriage.

Also, divorced couples looking to remarry will benefit from reading this book.

Learn from our mistakes

Don’t just wander into marriage. Prepare well and have an intentional plan for your marriage.

You no longer have to be worried about surviving your first year of marriage and the things that could go wrong.

Read this newlyweds guide today, so you can start your marriage right.

If you are a marriage counselor, educator, or coach, you can easily use this newlywed’s guide for counseling or coaching couples, click here to get your copy now.