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7 Great Marriage Podcasts for Couples ( Subscribe and Listen to Them )

marriage podcastsListening to marriage podcasts is one way to learn and improve your marriage.

By just listening to a podcast, you will be learning from the experiences of other married couples.

And applying the lessons you learn will certainly help you to improve your life, and marriage.

We have listened to a lot of  marriage podcasts, but below are the marriage podcasts we mostly listen to.

They are NOT arranged in a specific order.

Our Marriage Podcast List

1. The First Year Marriage Show – This podcast is dedicated to helping newlyweds adjust to married life. (We co-host this podcast)

2. One Extraordinary Marriage Podcast – This podcast is about Sex, Commitment and Love. It is hosted by my good friend Tony Dilorenzo and his wife Alisa.

3. The Stupendous Marriage Show – This podcast is hosted by Lisa and Stu Gray. It’s about improving your marriage.

4. Sexy Marriage Radio – This podcast is about sex and marriage. Hosted by Dr. Corey Allan, and Shannon Ethridge

5. Better Conversations on Money and Marriage – This podcast is about having better conversations on money and marriage.

6. Confessions of a Terrible Husband – This podcast is about improving yourself to become a better spouse.

7. Marriage More Podcast – This podcast s about challenging yourself and each other to improve your marriage.

As a married couple, we are always looking for ways to improve our marriage.

And listening to a marriage podcast is one of the ways we use to learn about how to improve ourselves, marriage, and life.

PS: We will be updating the above list as we discover more marriage podcasts that we believe will help you build the marriage you desire.

If you have other marriage podcasts that are not on this list, please share it with us.