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appreciating your spouseAppreciating your spouse is one of the important and beneficial things you can do for your marriage.

Why? Appreciating your spouse can help you fight off resentment, aid you in not taking them for granted, and change your overall mindset to one of gratitude.

There are many studies that show practicing gratitude enhances your positive mental state. And that’s true for your marriage too.

You can show your gratitude for your spouse verbally, with actions, or in other ways such as writing. However you choose to let them know you appreciate who they are and what they are doing in your partnership, it can be fun and enriching.

Do you appreciate your husband or wife?

It can be as simple as this statement:

“Thank you for remembering to take the trash out, it really shows me how much you love me and it helps relieve me of some of the stress.”

Just verbalize to your husband or wife how much you adore them. Show them how much you appreciate their commitment towards your marriage.

Don’t forget the small favors they do for you too, like remembering to shut the toilet seat, or straightening their shoes when you know it isn’t something they would normally choose to do. Yes! It can be for those simple things.

Marcus tends to be the one who sticks more so to the side of caution, and Ash is more spontaneous and willing to take certain risks. So when Marcus makes an effort to step out of his comfort zone to join Ash on an adventure, I (Ash) make sure to let him know I see him making that sacrifice for me. In turn, When I respect his concerns for caution in certain situations, even when I don’t necessarily agree, he feels appreciative.

Appreciating your spouse is an easy, simple, and exciting thing to do.

Yet most married couples take it for granted.

By showing gratitude for your spouse, they will know their efforts are appreciated, seen, and recognized.

It is important we take some time from our day to day business to stop and say, “Wow honey, I really appreciate you. I appreciate all your hard work, and I love you for being you.” 

We do this more than once a week. The more you practice something, the more ingrained it will become. So create a habit of appreciating your spouse starting today. 

10 Unique ways to appreciate your spouse

1. Thank your partner every day for something. It can be little, like remembering to do a chore. It can be big like for choosing to spend their life with you.

2. Never belittle or put your spouse down especially in front of others.

3. Pay attention and listen to your spouse when having a conversation.

4. Compliment each other on your appearance.

For example:

Honey, you look sexy this morning. I can not wait for you to get back into my arms from work. 😉

5. Do a weekly gratitude journal together. It’s a fun way to check in weekly and wrote a little note to each other, and keep it all in one place.

6. Let your spouse know the important role they play in your life and successes.

7. When your spouse is tired from a hectic day, perform their house roles.

If they were supposed to wash the dishes, get it done for them.

8. Let go of the small stuff, habits, or preferences that will not make or break your marriage. Focus on all the things they do right.

9. Be patient when your spouse makes mistakes. We are all humans, no one is perfect. 🙂

10. Let your spouse know how much you love them by speaking their love langauge.

By focusing on the good attributes of your spouse, you can fall even more in love with them. Also, it will create a good vibe between you and your spouse.

You will both be happy, notice what each other does, connect, and love each other deeply. We are definitely happy as a married couple because of these things.

Final thoughts

As humans, it’s our nature to want to know and feel we are appreciated for what we do. We believe that speaking with gratitude and appreciation can impact and transform your marriage tremendously.

Positive thinking, positive speaking (or text messaging, e-mailing, whatever!) will help you become more positive. It also impacts how you view your spouse, and vice versa.

So before you get busy this week, edify or show appreciation to your spouse. Let them know how grateful you are for them.

As Nike says, “Just do it!”

Your turn

What are some of the ways you show appreciation for your spouse?

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