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mothers day gifts for wife

As a husband, when it comes to mother’s day, I do my best to show how I appreciate my wife (Ashley) being the mother of our kids.

Sometimes, I spend money to buy her unique mothers day gifts. On other occasions, I write her a heartfelt poem or letter.

If you are looking for a mother’s day gifts (presents) to buy for your wife, or ideas about things you can make/do, check out the list I have compiled below. To make it easier, I have grouped them into 4 sections.

Click here for the best mother’s day gifts for your wife

Click here for great mother’s day gifts ideas for your wife

Click here if it’s your wife’s first mother’s day

Click here for mother’s day gifts ideas if your wife is pregnant

Best mothers day gifts for your wife

1. Spend T.I.M.E. with her! 

This is the best gift you can give to your wife on mother’s day.

Spend quality time with her with your full undivided attention without any distractions. It’s the most expensive, heartfelt, and the best gift you can give to your wife.

As you already know, time can never be replenished and bought.

2. A picture frame

Insert a family picture or a sonogram picture. Then wrap it nicely for her.


3. A beautiful shopping bag

A new shopping bag for moms always on the go.


4. An illustrated picture of her (either alone or with your kids)

This gift idea came from a breastfeeding illustration we did for Ashley recently.

All you need is a great illustrator to illustrate the picture you choose. If you are not sure of which picture to use, an awesome one will be a pregnancy, breastfeeding, or childbirth picture of your wife.

Illustrations are not cheap, but it’s one of the unique gifts you can present to your wife this mother’s day.

5. A 2-plus hour massage.

Schedule a 2-plus hour massage for your wife so she can get a wonderful massage. That being said, you can even go a step further.

Arrange everything so the massage happens on mother’s day.

Communicate with her that you have a surprise event for her to attend. And that she will need to dress up and go to the place with you.

When you arrive, walk her to the massage place for her a two-plus hour massage.

6. A birthstone necklace


7. An exciting book to read. 

Buy one of her favorite books from her to-read list. If she doe does not have one, simply ask her.

As you know, there are many cookbooks out there, so buying one that your wife will actually use or needs is very important.

For example, Ashley loves reading cookbooks. However, I can not buy any cookbook for her. I have to ask her to about her top 3 cookbooks before l can buy a cookbook for her.

8. A great equipment for the kitchen.

If your wife loves cooking, buy her a kitchen equipment that will make cooking easier.

After researching and asking my wife for kitchen equipment moms who love cooking will love receiving, the two options below topped the list. Either one will be great for her.

A kitchen aid mixer



A food processor


9. A lacy lingerie

This mother’s day gift will be great if you are looking for something romantic and sexy.


10. Coloring book

If your wife loves art, designing, or doodling, this sketchbook will be a great gift for her.

You can also add this adult coloring book.

If you are buying a gift for your ex-wife, she will love these too.


11. Her favorite loose-leaf tea

I am yet to find a mom who does not love loose leaf teas. It’s one of my favorite picks to gift to a mom.

12. A coffee/ tea mug


13. A necklace with her initials.


14. Pair of earrings


15. Surprise her.

If she will be working on mother’s day, surprise her with flowers (add a written poem or note) at her workplace. Then take her out to lunch.

You can also pick her up after she is done working and head straight to a dinner, mother’s day event, etc. together.

16. Enroll her in a class.

Enroll her in a class she will love based on her interests. Just make sure the class does not conflict with her schedule.

Examples of classes are yoga,music, paint and sip, cooking, baking, crafts, art,…. The list could go on and on.

Go the extra mile and buy one of the things she will need for the class. For example, a yoga mat for her yoga class.

17. A planner


18. A journal

It should be your first pick for if your wife journals or writes often.


19. A bottle of her favorite wine.


And this wine glass.


20. A perzonalized bracelet with her initials


21. A parking poster for her parking spot


22. French Press Coffee Maker


23. Essential oils.

Just like a loose-leaf tea, essential oils is another great and healthy gift for moms.

Ashley uses it every day and has told me moms love it. If your wife has not used one before, surprise her with a small sample with the promise to buy a bigger one after her approval.

24. A wallet


25. Buy her a gift card.

The gift card could be to a spa near you, her favorite clothing store, restaurant, etc.

You can also make an appointment for her to get her hair and nails done at a salon nearby.

Great mothers day ideas for your wife

1. Write her a love letter or poem

Like I said in the earlier, write her a heartfelt letter or poem.

If you do not know how to write one, click here.

2. Design a card with your kids for her.

If you have cards, designing a beautiful card for your wife is an awesome gift.

She will love the fact that you all put in the effort to appreciate her. Plus, she will cherish the card for years to come.

3. Let her have the day off.

My wife is a stay at home mom. To me, being a stay at home parent is the most difficult job in this world. So let your wife have the day off from doing any chores at home. Give her “me time”.

As you know, mother’s day can occur on a day you have to work. In that case, tell your wife you planned on giving her the day off from doing any household chores. But due to work, you will fulfill this gift on a day you do not have to work. Ideally, prior to or right after mother’s day.

Needless to say, let her sleep in.

4. Create a picture collage for her.

You can easily do this with your kids.

Print some of the best pictures you have taken together as a couple and as a family. And put them together into one picture frame. Then wrap it nicely for her.

Another option will be to create a picture collage of just her and your kids doing having fun together.

5. Breakfast in bed.

Cook her favorite breakfast and serve it to her while she is in bed.

First mother’s day gift for your wife

1. A diary for expecting moms


2. A custom handprint and footprint of your baby (babies) on a t-shirt.

For this shirt, all you need to do is print your child’s hands or feet onto the shirt.

You can also do this on a mug or canvas.


3. Mother and baby pendant necklace


4. A onesie


5. A personalized engraved baby feet pendant necklace with birthstones


6. A gift set for new moms.


7. Handsfree pumping bra

Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife

If your wife is expecting for the first time, the best 5 pregnancy gifts below will make her day.

1. A pregnancy comfort body pillow

This pregnancy pillow for moms is the best gift if your wife does not already own one.

2. A prenatal massage gift card.

We all love messages, don’t we?

A prenatal massage is designed specifically for pregnant women, so please make sure that’s what you buy.

3. A heating pad

If your pregnant wife has been telling you about having back pains, gifting her a heating pad will be very welcomed. A heating pad when used, will relax her muscles and help relieve her of the back pain.

4. A sonogram picture frame to frame your first or last sonogram.

5. Love You Forever pendant.

Click here to see more gifts for your pregnant wife.

Whether your wife is pregnant, or it’s her first mother’s day, you will not go wrong with any of these gifts. I hope this list of mothers day gifts and ideas for wives were helpful to you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Your turn:

Do you have a mother’s day gift(s) for wives to add to this list? Share in the comments below.

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– Marcus

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