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Growing Together In Marriage By Reading BooksGrowing together in marriage is necessary for a lasting, happy, successful, and healthy marriage.

One way that we utilize to help us grow together as a couple has been to read at least one book together each year.

As part of our family goals for every new year, we include a goal to read X number of books together. With our busy schedule this year, that number is 2.

What we read.

We enjoy reading books that will help us learn or improve our life, or grow together in our marriage. Most of the books we read are about self-development, marriage, finances, and parenting.

For this year, we have each chosen one marriage book to read. Usually one of us reads the first book, and then the other will.

We then discuss what we learned and how it will improve our marriage and family before we move on to the other books. This is like our own mini book club and it’s interesting to see the different marriage lessons we each take from the same book.

Reading a book together has definitely opened up different conversations and helped us to connect with each other on an intellectual level.

It is an excellent way for growing together in marriage.

In addition, we listen to marriage podcasts on our car rides, on days we do grocery shopping together. Sometimes we listen while snuggling on the couch or in bed.

These podcasts are focused on marriage, sex, parenting, finances, and self-development. Examples of marriage podcasts we listen to are the Sexy Marriage Radio, Dave Ramsey Show, and One Extraordinary Marriage Podcast.

A huge benefit of listening to podcasts is the opportunity it presents listeners. You will learn something new from different perspectives.

It also challenges our way of doing things and thinking.

Listening to podcasts is a fun and relaxing way for growing together in marriage.

It helps us strike up conversations easily, go off on tangents, laugh together, and even spice up our love life. 😉

Apply what you have learned from this post to grow together with your spouse today.

Your turn

What can you and your spouse read or listen together to help you grow together in your marriage?

Even if you do not have any hobbies in common, you can start here. You are both committed to your marriage right?

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