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eating together as a familyEating together as a family is one of the ways we use to stay connected.

Gone are the days where in most houses everyone was home, and at the dinner table by 5 pm for a warm dinner with their family.

Ready to eat together as a family, share a laughter, and have conversations with each other.

We try to eat at least one meal together everyday. We chose to make this a staple for our family because it helps us to live our family theme; a peaceful family.

Over the past few years, our work and school schedules has always changed.

We used to sit down for breakfast together, a great way to start our day. Now, our schedules allows us to finally eat together as a family every evening.

This small act of eating together as a family everyday has really had a positive affect on our marriage.

By sitting down together, enjoying a delicious meal, having a conversation, talking about our day, plans for the next day, and enjoying each other’s company, we are able to continue connecting after a busy day.

Sitting down, usually with our daughter switching between her seat and our laps, sampling our plates, makes for a great family connection. We put our phones away, and shut out all distractions, so we can listen attentively to what we are saying to each other.

Healthy food = healthy bodies!

Cooking meals together is another way to grow together as a couple. By eating together at home, we have been able to save money here and there. Cooking at home also helps us eat healthier because we know the food we buy, and what we cooked. We both enjoy cooking, try new recipes regularly, and love to cook together when time, and our toddler, allows.

We highly recommend you choose a meal time, as frequent as you can make it, to sit together, while conversing over some yummy food.

We are all busy like the bees, always connected to our phones, work, and life. By eating together as a family, it pauses our day to day hustle and bustle to truly interact, and connect with our spouse, and family.

Here are a few topic ideas to get your conversation going at the dinner table:

  • How was your day?
  • What is the best thing that happened today? Anything interesting?
  • What do you want to try for a meal sometime? What culture of food? eg Mexican, Italian, American, African, Japanese, just to name a few.

5 Benefits of eating together as a family.

1. Helps you, your spouse, and children to stay together as a family.

2. Presents parents the opportunity to teach their children good table manners. Children will also be able to observe and learn these manners by “watching” their parents at the dinner table.

3. Its a great time to connect, communicate, and share ideas with each other while relaxing.

4. Save money and time by cooking one family meal instead of individual meals.

5. Reduces the chances of “eating on the go.”

Quick tips for eating together as a family.

  • Put the cell phones away.
  • Turn the TV off.
  • Start a conversation by talking about the highlights of your day.
  • Do not start an argument at the dinner table.

The 7 Days of Eating Together Challenge

Due to our “busyness” with jobs, classes, sports, entertainment, and all the other activities in our lives, it’s easy to put having a meal together as a family on the back burner. So this is our challenge for you this week:

Pick a meal time that works for you, your spouse, and family. Now commit to having a relaxing meal together as a family every day for the next 7 days.

At the end of day 7, come share with us what you liked,  did not like, and the experience you had with this challenge. 

You can up this challenge by cooking the meal together, playing some music in the background, drinking a glass of wine, or some sparkling cider, coffee, whatever floats your boat.

Talk, enjoy each others company, and reminisce on good times you have had together during this 7 day period. We believe this challenge will help you stay connected as a married couple, and a wonderful family. Have an awesome Memorial Day (for those in the US).

Your turn:

What are your views on eating together as a family? Do you eat together with your family?

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