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dreaming together

Dreaming together as a couple can be the one of the exciting and uplifting conversations you can have with your spouse!

Dreaming of your future family, future career move, future house, or anything can even help lift some of the present day stresses away.

Dreaming together is a big thing for us right now.

We are planning to move in a few years time to Virginia for many reasons. All that’s left to do is save some money to make our move a smooth transition.

Marcus is finishing his last year of school, and another year of working towards this goal can feel… overwhelming at times.

When was the last time you dreamed together as a couple?

Dreaming and even planning certain things about our move has relieved some of the over all stress by keeping the end in sight.

We have even talked about whether we will drive through the night or during the day because of our toddler and baby #2 (due in September!)

Dreaming like this together, about our common goal, has brought smiles, and a new level of conversation for us.

It’s something we can get excited about together, talk, and plan. (One of my favorite things to do! -Ashley)

By dreaming together, our conversations and communication have improved, adding a new spark to our marriage.

Dreaming with your husband or wife could also do the same for your marriage.

We would encourage you to bring this up next time you sit down to have a conversation and spend time together with your spouse. Dream big!

Are you sharing your dreams together as a couple?

When a married couple dreams together, the two are taking great steps to truly become one.

Dreaming together is also another way for growing and connecting with your spouse.

Dreaming should not be only for the new year! It should be for your marriage and future too.

The 7 tips below will help you in creating your dream together as a married couple.

1. Dreaming alone will not get you there, you will need to plan to make it real. Without a plan, it will be very difficult to make your dreams a reality.

2. Write each others plan down. By writing your plans together, you will better understand and visualize your thoughts.

3. Listen to each others dreams, and read your plans to each other.

4. Communicate, then discuss your dreams and the plans you each have.

5. Create a joint plan for your dreams. Let your dreams be vivid and use images when possible.

6. Execute the plan for your dreams, without executing the plan, your dreams can not become real.

7. Review your plan periodically to check on your progress and make adjustments if necessary.

Examples of ideas or ways to dream together are your finances, future home and/or house, business plans or ideas, careers, places to live or visit, etc.

Your dreams need your actions to become real. Start dreaming together with your spouse today.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Hellen Keller

Your turn:

What goals do you and your spouse have that is a little ways, or even far away that you could dream together as a couple today?

Can a married couple grow apart if they are dreaming together?

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