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thanking your wife husbandThere is something we do everyday to help us from taking each other for granted, and to make each other feel appreciated; we say “Thank you.”

In our opinion, if we pay attention to the little things, the bigger problems won’t come by surprise.

By saying Thank You to Marcus when he mows the lawn, remembers to take the garbage out, does the dishes, or spends time with our daughters let’s him know I don’t take for granted all the little (and big) things he does.

It can be easy to take our spouse for granted, but harmful for your marriage.

I want him to know how much it means to me, and how much I appreciate his acts of service, as well as appreciate him.

This way he knows I recognize his efforts, and appreciate his hard work.

Should I expect my husband help around the house, and with our daughter?

Yes, of course! But that doesn’t mean I should be any less thankful when he does it.

I know I appreciate when he thanks me for cooking dinner, or working on our business, or doing something creative with the our kids. ~Ash

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the business of life, that we forget to do these little things, like saying Thank You.

We should make it a priority to be verbally thankful to our spouse because it creates a positive and healthy environment for our marriage.

It is also refreshing to hear that even though it may be expected of us to do something because it’s our job or role, that we are still being very much appreciated and our efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

Why wouldn’t you want to give that kind of boost to your husband or wife?

I remember the first time Marcus thanked me for doing something like cleaning the house and taking care of our daughter when I was a stay at home mom and he worked out of the house. It caught me off guard.

My first thoughts were, “Why wouldn’t I do this, its my job.” It felt good to hear none the less, and got me thinking about things I could thank my husband for. – Ash

When we start small healthy habits like saying “Thank You” at least once every day, we set a foundation and a temperature for our marriage. 

It is so important to keep such habits in a relationship.

Simply because it stops the little things like feeling unappreciated from turning into bigger things like resentment and feeling unappreciated and taken for granted.

When you say “Thank you” to each other, you are also validating each other’s efforts for the marriage and family.

How do you start this habit of thanking your wife or husband?

Well, just like how you start  any new habit, you first have to make it a priority. Then, you can:

1) Pick one thing today that your spouse has done, and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

2) Use a gratitude journal. Every week we write each other a quick note letting the other know what we were extra grateful for that week.

3) Use the words, “Thank you” all the time (or I appreciate, I’m grateful for) it’s another way to connect with your spouse.

4) Don’t expect your spouse to reciprocate. Just worry about you. In our experience the spouse follows suit.

5) Pick something your spouse does often like paying bills, making quality time with you or your children a priority, and express how much it means to you.

6.) Sarcasm doesn’t count! “Gee’s honey, thanks for remembering the garbage today, really meant a lot,” when in fact, your spouse forgot the garbage that day.

Here are 15 great ways to say thank you to your spouse for their support.

  • You an amazing hubby and a great parent.
  • I trust your judgment.
  • You always surprise and take my breath away.
  • Thank you for working so hard to put food on the table and providing for us.
  • Thank you for fixing it (the broken machine, the bathroom pipe, changing the garbage).
  • Thank you for being you. (Go into detail if you want, the more the better!)
  • I will clean the house today/cook/wash the dishes/or take care of the kids.
  • Thanks for making breakfast, dinner / packing my lunch.
  • My clothes are clean, thanks for doing the laundry.
  • Wow, you did a great job taking care of me while I was sick.
  • You inspire me everyday by working hard for our marriage and family.
  • I would not be here if it wasn’t for you.
  • Thanks for reminding me, I completely forgot about it.
  • Thank you for marrying me, and spending the rest of your life with me.
  • Let me give you a massage or back rub today for what you did today, you deserve it.

It may be hard or awkward at first, but this step out of your comfort zone is worth it, trust us!

Sometimes comments like this, where we say thank you to our husband or wife can make their day.

I remember when our daughter was a newborn, I had had a really tough day, the house was a mess, I was a mess covered in baby spit up, and milk stains, my hair was a rats nest, and I was literally about to cry.

Then my husband walked in the door from work, gave me a kiss, and said, “Thank you for taking such good care of our baby all day.”

That was it. Those two simple words made my whole day! 

It was such a relief, and validation that Marcus truly sees and appreciate the work I did when he was gone to work. – Ash

Now go tell your husband or wife how thankful you are for him/her. Go put some smiles on their face, and in their heart!

Your turn:

What is a fun way to say thank you to your spouse?  

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