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supporting your spouseAre you supporting your spouse? Even when you don’t understand their dreams and goals?

Did you ever have a moment where you didn’t even believe in yourself, but your spouse did?

We have been on both the giving and the receiving end of supporting and believing in each other.

And we both love giving and receiving support from each other.

Who doesn’t?

Who doesn’t love receiving encouragement?

From friends, parents, relatives, co-workers, strangers, and even better, their wife or husband?

One way to be an encouragement to your spouse is to be a supportive spouse.

By being a supportive spouse, your actions and attitude will show that you believe in your husband or wife.

Why do we choose to marry someone and commit to spending the rest of our life with them?

Not because it’s easy, that’s for sure.

I would dare to say that it’s because we want a life partner to share our life adventure with.

Someone who will always be there for us, to believe in us, appreciate, and support us in both the good and bad.

Support does not mean that you put aside all logic and reason.

Marcus’s dream is to become a marriage and business coach, but we are starting by taking baby steps.

Paying as we go, growing together, and only taking what we can handle. This is a choice we made for our family life to remain our top priority.

Can you support your spouse?

If you can not believe and support your husband or wife, think back to why you married him or her in the first place?

Having your spouse believe in you, validates your ambitions, and dreams. They will also give you the extra push when you need it.

Our first year of marriage was tough because of the marriage adjustments we had to make, with each other, and to married life.

Plus, we had a lot of other tough life challenges happen.

Life presented us with some choices to make, cling together, support each other, learn how to work together, or we could fight and fall apart.

Obviously, we chose to support each other.

It wasn’t easy for us. In fact, it was scary because of the risks of not being successful.

We did it together and as a result came out stronger.

Sometimes, thinking about the end results or the unknowing is scary, but if it will not kill you, why not try.

Supporting your spouse benefits both parties.

Supporting each other has helped us many times, especially when we failed at something, began to try something new, or embarked on another new journey.

But even better, it helped us to stay connected, and grow together.

I remember when I started my jewelry business. I was terrified of the money I invested going to waste because it was at a time we really couldn’t afford to throw money away.

Marcus’s support and belief in me made all the difference in me taking the leap.

Just the other day he told me how thankful he was for my support of starting this website, our blog, and the podcast (coming soon!).

This made me feel recognized for my efforts, and happy that he felt my support and belief in him. -Ashley

This heart disease article from the Association for Psychological Science further shows that how you support your spouse plays a big role in your cardiovascular health.

How to be a supportive spouse.

Supporting your husband or wife can be done in different ways.

We have used the ones below personally and believe you can also apply them in your marriage to become a supportive spouse.

1) Verbally.

Things like, “I know you can do X because you are really great at things like that.”

You can also have a conversation with your spouse to find out how you can help him/her a starting point to their dream career.

You know your spouse better than anyone, find out what works for them!

2) Edify them in public, and when talking to other people especially your parents, relatives, and friends.

I always feel great hearing awesome things (about me) from my in-laws. – Marcus

3) Just tell your spouse outright.

Honey, I believe in you, and will always be here for you!

4) Show them, actions speak louder than words.

Be there when they have a failure or bad day, and help them see it as a learning experience.

Be mindful of how you react.

5) Help them.

We are human and have our weaknesses.

Pick up the slack where your spouse could use the help.

6) Listen to, and respect their opinions.

He/she is unique, pay attention and listen attentively while they share their goals and dreams with you, while being honest about the reality.

7) Love them for who they are. 

Support your spouse, and let them know you believe in them!

Your turn:

Are you a supportive spouse? How often do you support your husband or wife?

Do you feel supported by your spouse? In what way can you show your support for your spouse today?

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