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In today’s episode, Jason Pockrandt share’s his first year of marriage story. Jason has been married for 2 years, is the father to a beautiful girl, and lives in Bay City, Michigan.

He is a Speaker, Life Coach of Live To Give, and author of The Confident Father’s Guidebook: Five Steps to Personal Transformation, Rediscover your worth, and live the life you desire today.

Jason also coaches, speaks, and serves other husbands and fathers who want to reconnect to their passions and purpose.

Should You Combine Your Finances with Jason Pockrandt

Description of  First Year in one or two words

Outlandishly exciting.

Some of the topics we discussed are:

1. How to deal with two different family upbringings/ dynamics.

2. Embracing new changes in your life as a married couple.

3. How to deal with finances together as a couple. Should you combine your finances or not?

4. Getting through the adjustment period.

5. Learning to live together under one roof as a couple.

6. Dealing with relationship struggles with relatives.

7. Speaking your spouse’s love language religiously.

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Resources Mentioned

Five Love Languages

Financial Peace University

The Disc Personality Profile Assessment

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