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Welcome back! Alison Chrun from California is our guest for today.

Alison has been married for 8 and a half years, is a mom to two boys, and presently pursuing her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She blogs at Appetite for Honesty and writes for large blogs such as Scary Mommy and The Huffington Post.

New Marriage, New Culture with Alison Chrun

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Some of the topics we discussed are:

1. Becoming ONE as a couple with your finances.

2. Should you merge your finances?

3. How to decide whether to buy a house before having babies.

4. Getting married to a new culture.

5. How to express your feelings with your spouse.

6. Benefits of open and honest communication with your spouse.

7. Why you should help your spouse.

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Resources Mentioned

The experience of growing up with divorced parents.

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