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After adjusting to married life as a couple, building a strong foundation for our marriage, and experiencing our marriage grow into a healthy and happy one, we want to share everything that has helped us with you.

If you are a newlywed and want to improve your marriage…

If you are overwhelmed, trying to figure out your first few years of marriage or thinking, “are we going to make it”…

Even if you  feel like you are just roommates, go to work, get groceries, watch TV, rarely have sex, fight and argue every day, or even kiss…

We will show you how you and your spouse can also adjust to married life, and build a strong foundation for the marriage you both desired before saying “I Do.”

We will be coaching you with our best strategies on how to communicate with each other, how to adjust to married life, build trust with each other, and set your marriage up for success.

Our coaching packages are designed to meet the needs of each client. Therefore, irrespective of your religion, political association, race, etc. we would love to help you achieve your marriage goals.

We will encourage, challenge, and inspire you to achieve your marriage goals. And gladly invite you to choose one of the coaching packages below.

3 Sessions

This package is designed for couples who want us to help, and support them in one of the many issues newlyweds face such as:

1. Adjusting to each other, and married life.

2. How to communicate well.

3. How to agree on money.

4. Defining roles, lifestyle differences, and making decisions together.

5. Overcoming marriage struggles and feelings such as resentments, loneliness, abandonment, lack of respect, etc.

6. How to relate with your in-laws. (Even if they are intrusive.)

7. Initiating sex, and reviving your sexless marriage.

If We will work with you on how you can address these struggles, challenge, and encourage you to build a strong foundation for the happy, healthy, and lasting marriage you both desire.

In addition, you will have email access to us during the 3 weeks; excluding holidays and weekends.

This package consists of 3 coaching sessions (one session per week) with each session being 60 – 75 minutes long. It is highly focused on just one area couples want to improve in their marriage.

Cost: $237 

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 Single Session

Do you need help on choosing a theme for your family, or just have a specific marriage question/issue that you need a marriage coach to help you with?

Don’t worry, you are at the right place. This coaching package was created just for you.

It’s a 60-75 minute coaching session.

Cost: $87

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*If you are determined, coachable, not lazy, ready to make sacrifices, and committed, any of the above coaching packages is for you.*

**If you are about to get married or engaged, and would love to have us help you prepare for your marriage, kindly send us a message.**

If you have any questions, email us at Please describe why you need coaching, which of the above packages you prefer, and what you want to achieve by the end of the coaching period.

Thank you for considering our marriage coaching packages.