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Featured And Quoted On

We are very grateful to have been featured in awesome places where we share our life and marriage lessons; check them out.


Marcus writes for Family Share. Read his articles here.

2. The Good Men Project

Marcus writes for the Good Men Project. You can read his articles here.


Read the article here.


Read the article here.


Read the article here.

6. Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont.

We were featured on Castleton State College’s website for the podcast and Marcus’s outstanding work as a Student IT Technician. (Click here to read)


Marcus is a contributor/ writer for Lifehack. Check out some of his posts here.

8. Inspiring Mama Podcast with Lauren Fire.

In this podcast interview, we share practical tips and advice for parents on communication and workload distribution.

Plus negotiating the shared responsibility of caring for kids. Click here to listen.

9. AFinUp in Wisconsin.

In this article, Jeff Finup explains how “The Time Will Never Be Right” using Marcus’s story.

10. Live It Forward Website with Kent Julian.

Marcus shares his personal philosophies that have helped him achieve success in his life and advice for people who want to Show Up And Shine. (Click here to read)

11. Confessions of a Terrible Husband Podcast with Nick Pavlidis

This interview was about us sharing how you can take personal responsibility in your marriage, why we chose Peaceful family as our family theme, and how we connect/grow together in our marriage. (Click here to listen)

Marcus also writes for this great blog. You can find his articles here.

12. Beyond Published Podcast with Christopher Puckett

In this podcast interview, we share the reason why we wrote the Communication in Marriage book.

And some of the struggles we encountered while writing this book, including tips for aspiring authors. (Click here to listen).

13. New and Noteworthy Podcast with Dave Westwood

On this interview, we shared some of the struggles we had in our first year, and why we started a podcast for newlyweds. (Click here to listen)

14. Rutland Herald in Rutland, Vermont and Times Argus in Vermont.

In this article, we shared some of the reasons why we started the podcast, and how the number of listeners has grown. (Click here to read)

15. Singing Through The Rain

Read the article here.


Read the article here.


Read the article here.


Read the article here.