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Please Read… Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are frequently asked questions we receive from our readers, and answers to each one.

Kindly read through them before sending us a message about your question(s) because your answer might be right here on this page.

What is Our Peaceful Family about?

It’s a marriage blog run by us, Ash and Marcus Kusi.

We focus on helping couples to improve themselves, so they can become better husbands and wives.

I am new to this website, where do I start?

Click here to visit our getting started page, we created this page specifically for you.

How can I receive emails about products, new articles, courses, and more from you?

Simply join our community by entering your information below, and clicking the button. Afterward, check your Inbox to confirm your email address.

Is Our Peaceful Family a faith-based website? 


However, we provide you with the tools you need to become a better spouse, and strongly believe any marriage can succeed irrespective of what religion the couple practice.

Are you associated with any religion?

Yes and no. We both used to be Christians, however, Ash is no longer and identifies as an agnostic. Marcus is still questioning his spiritual beliefs.

My marriage needs help. What can I do?

Visit our Start Here page to read our most popular and actionable articles right now.

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Are you licensed, therapists, clinicians, or professionals?

No. We’re marriage mentors who love mentoring other married couples and focus on helping them develop the skills and mindsets needed for a fulfilling marriage.

Do you have any books for couples?


Click here to see our best-selling books for couples.

Do you offer marriage counseling?

No. Because we aren’t licensed professionals, we don’t offer marriage counseling.

Do you have marriage resources for couples?

Yes, please click here to see them.

How do I get featured on the podcast?

We’ve paused the production of new podcast episodes as such, we’re not doing any new interviews.

Do you accept guest articles, posts, etc? 


Do you host ads or sponsored content?


My question was not answered on this page, how do I contact Ash and/or Marcus?

Feel free to reach out, email us at


Let’s connect on social media:

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