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In this week’s episode, Philip and Loretta Devine share their first year of marriage story.

Philip and Loretta have been married for about 7 years, have 3 beautiful children, and live in Louisville, Kentucky.

Philip is a former marine, speaker, and host of the Live Life Better podcast which helps husbands lean on Christ and love their families.

Loretta is a stay at home mom, and hosts cooking classes on Devine Cooking.

Philip and Loretta

Description of  First Year in one or two words

Risky and against the odds.

Being committed and patient.

Some of the topics discussed are:

1. Choosing your spouse over others.

2. Importance of marriage counseling.

3. Learning how to communicate.

4. How to deal with your in-laws.

5. How to resolve conflicts together.

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Marriage Resources Mentioned

The Five Love Languages

I Promise

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Philip’s Website

Loretta’s Website

Live Life Better Podcast


Twitter @PhilipKDevine    @lorettadevine08

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