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It’s been a while since we released a new episode. Our move to a new city coupled with Marcus’s new job has kept us very busy for the past month.

If you have moved before with kids under 3 years of age, you know its not as easy as moving to a new house without kids.

But we are very excited to share updates about our move, communication in marriage book, and the podcast with you.

After our move

First, we want to thank everyone who has read, reviewed, or purchased our book:

Communication in Marriage: How to Communicate with Your Spouse Without Fighting.

We are very happy to see the impact it’s making in marriages all over the world.

Second, after pondering over how many episodes to release each month, we have decided to release a new episode every other week instead of the weekly episodes.

Lastly, listen to this week’s episode to learn more about why we made this decision and our future plan for the podcast.

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Communication in Marriage: How to Communicate with Your Spouse Without Fighting

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