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After jumping through the hoops of our lovely immigration system, being told our next court date would be another year away, we got a wonderful surprise in January that the judge had signed off on our request.

We had an interview set for my husbands birthday in March, so they could make sure our relationship was authentic. About the week before our interview, we got the surprise of our life.

We found out I was pregnant! It was exciting, and terrifying all at the same time. We didn’t know what we were going to do because my husband still wasn’t allowed to work. The day of our interview came, on his birthday, and he was given approval for a 2 year green card and with that came permission to work.

It still took him two months to find a job, but everything did work out. It wasn’t a job he liked, but it enabled us to put some savings away for baby, and took a LOT of the burden off myself. He worked 2-11 shifts and I worked mornings and afternoons, but we made it!

It really seems like the first few years of our marriage was all “Emergency” mode.

One day at a time, with lots of communication. We had to learn how each other communicated. When all the money burden was on me, it would make me too stressed to go over the bills and see that we didn’t have enough to pay the electric, or rent. He took over that burden for me in that time.

This experience was very hard, but we made it together and it brought us much closer. Now we have a budget app on our phones, we set the budget together and each update it as we go so we know where we are at.

We are still working at paying off debt, hubby is finishing school while I am able to stay home with our daughter. I started my jewelry business, Makello Jewelry, to bring in some extra income that we are using to pay off our car this year.

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